Sunday, March 29, 2009

VP Biden's Daughter in Video SNORTING COKE????

Ashley Biden, 27-year-old daughter of Vice President Joe Biden is now caught up in a cocaine video scandal.

It seems she was at a house party this month in Delaware when the 43-minute video was taken. The video is of a woman who resembles Biden and who is heard on the tape to be complaining that her coke line isn’t long enough, talking about drugs and discussing her father. At another point, the girl on the film shouts, “Shut the fuck up!” She apparently knew she was being filmed.

I’m sure the the left will say that its unfair to mention these sorts of things about the daughter of the vice-president. They will undoubtedly claim the tape isn’t real and that its exaggerated and an attempt to slander the Obama Administration.

They’ll try to prove that none of the allegations has any merit. They’ll shake their little fingers at anyone who writes about it saying its not fair to go after her since she’s not a politician herself!

This could be one of the press releases that would be released by the left:

"We are proud of Ashley for having the tremendous courage to admit her brief indiscretion. We love Ashley and will assist her in receiving whatever counseling and support she needs to move on from this difficulty. We thank all of you that have sent your love and prayers to ourselves and Ashley during this trying period."

This is another release that might be used:

"We are saddened that the press has chosen to spread these rumors about Ashley. Ashley is an amazing young woman with a great future ahead of her, and we are very proud of all that she has accomplished. We stand behind her and ask the public to respect her privacy during this difficult time."

This shows that liberal democrats can use drugs and it is and will be accepted and excused, and said usage should always be questioned. However, if a conservative Republican uses drugs, the world come down on them like a ton of bricks (remember Rush Limbaugh) and no leeway is allowed.

If this turns out to be a setup, then the person who set it up should be charged. If Ms. Biden did use said drugs, then she should be charged.

I will keep up on ths story.

"I tried marijuana once. I did not inhale." - Bill Clinton

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