Saturday, March 21, 2009

Red State Update: Obama Mocks Special Olympics

On this clip posted on March 20, 2009, Jackie Broyles and Dunlap discuss Barack HUSSEIN Obama's Tonight Show gaffe. Many have questioned why does Little Barry Soetoro hate the mentally challenged so?

Personally, I do not think the The Boy Wonder was trying to make fun of anyone or any group, with that comment. He was in a forum that was very casual and I believe he was trying to get into the moment.

Do not misunderstand my stand on this. I think it was inappropriate for Oprah's Love Child to go on "The Tongiht Show." Such a forum is not the place for our POTUS to appear in public.

In reality, he DID choose to to appear with Jay Leno, and as improper as I think it was or him to be there, people are making too much of this. The problem I have with this is if it had been a conservation Republican, people would be calling for his/her head on a platter along with called to resign, commit Hari-kari, or any one of numerous punishment upon his or herself.

So goes the inequality that the press and the washed and unwashed masses view a celebrity.

In closing, how many of us have said something someone felt was inappropriate? I know I have, and have been called on the carpet for it. People have such a thin skin these days. If they cannot take a joke, then SCREW 'EM.

Dunlap: "I haven't heard nobody that offended since I went down to the laundry to tried to Jew down that crippled China man after them PETA lesbos threw paint on my rabbit coat."

Jackie Broyles: "What?'

Dunlap: "That's alright thought, that coat was kinda gay.

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