Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Female Murderer Caught In Houston

Houston police caught 18-year-old Lauren Raychelle Kirkman on Tuesday She has been charged for the first-degree murder of cab driver Derick Bernard Byers and she fought with the officers while being arrested.

Below is the clip from the
Houston Chronicle.

Houston woman charged in the fatal shooting of a cabdriver is in police custody, arrested late Tuesday night outside a convenience store, hours after authorities released her name.

Investigators received a tip that Lauren Raychelle Kirkman was at the store in the 9700 block of Beechnut. The 18-year-old is charged with capital murder in the Nov. 13 death of Derick Bernard Byers. Byers, a subcontractor for Yellow Cab Inc., was shot in the back of the head. He died on Friday.

Police on Wednesday said Kirkman was belligerent when officers tried to arrest her about 11:15 p.m. Officers deployed a Taser on Kirkman, who police said was not armed when she was arrested.

Byers had been dispatched to the 6700 block of Sidney in the Third Ward, where he picked up Kirkman.

Kirkman is accused of pulling a pistol and shooting the 39-year-old cab driver She also is accused of pushing him out of his cab at 10441 Westheimer. He was found in the parking lot of a Westheimer bank and was taken to Ben Taub General Hospital.

Investigators later found the taxi abandoned in the 9800 block of Pagewood at the Westchase Forest Townhomes.

It is unusual to have a female thug. However, society is seeing more of these "animals" evolve to terrorize good people. It is the typical action of low-lifes like this to blame others for their problems and lash out any anyone and everyone.

She has been arrested. Now have a trial, convict her, and give her the needle. Soon she will not have to worry about all her troubles. She will be joining Miguel Antonio DeJesus and Diego Ortiz in the hereafter.

I wonder if Quanell X will show up to condemn the killing of Derick Bernard Byers? Probably not!


damon said...

Well said.....this is an example of the "cult of victimization." She had every opportunity to get a good education, good career and a value added life that she could of been proud of...yet she adhered to a culture of thugging, mugging, theivery and murder. A culture that says that a human being is a disposable as a cigarette lighter. Quanell X can talk about "his people" all he wants but in listening to him, I have not found anything substantiative that would suggest that "his people" have to rise up against this, which makes him part of the problem instead of the solution.

Texas Truth said...

damon: Well said. People make choices everyday. That is a part of life. She made the choice to be a thug. She made the chocie to be a thief. She made the choice to be a criminal. Now the courts will made a choice to take her to trial. The jury will choose to convict her and jusy will choose to sentence her to death.

I think Quanell X will show up in this sooner than later. He cannot stay away from the spotlight and anything that gives him more publicity.