Saturday, November 17, 2007

"Of Whom Should The Government Take Care?"

"Correction of my Grammatically Challenged Title"
A comment was left by "anonymous" stating the my title "Who Should The Government Take Care Of?" was not grammatically correct. I have corrected it and give him full credit for catching my error. Just like the "Unknown Solider" buried in Washington, DC, this kind individual will have to remain "anonymous" to the world. Thank you for helping me be a better writer and thank you for doing it in a polite and courtious manner. I sincerlely appreciate it. Now on to the post.

After watching the Democratic debate in Las Vegas the other night, I started to think about a theory I developed many years ago. I believe that it is as true today as when I first came up with it thirty years ago.

The liberal Democrats want money, money, and more money for their pet projects. They want to be everything to everyone and they do not care what it costs.

I believe there are four groups of people whom the government need to take care of and protect. I do not mean 100% care and 100% protection. I mean if they need help and have no one else to turn to, the government should be there to help, within reason.

1: CHILDREN: The government needs to take care of children in matters of education, child abuse, and their general wellbeing. This does not remove the biological parents or family from their responsibility for the children. The family should be the primary resource for child rearing.

2: ELDERLY: The government need to help the elderly when they can no longer take care of themselves. This does not mean a free handout for those who chose to sit on the asses and not accomplish anything in their lifetime. This does not remove the biological family from their responsibility for the elderly. The family should be the primary resource for caring for the elderly.

3: PEOPLE WHO CANNOT PHYSICALLY OR MENTALLY TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES: People who have physical and mental disabilities should be taken care. However, the family should have the primary responsibility for them. The government should look out for them and make sure they are not abused or denied basic services. This does not include those who placed themselves in this state, such as alcoholics and drug users.

4: PEOPLE WHO HAVE SERVED IN THE MILITARY TO DEFEND OUR COUNTRY: People who defend our country should be taken care of for life That should be a basic benefit for those who serve in the military.

As for everyone else, they can get off their lazy butts and get a job. If they choose not to work, they can starve. I could not care less. If you are able to work, then work If you refuse, do not expect a handout from the government. That goes for your family too.

I expect some people to agree with me and others to disagree. Let me know what you think and please remember to keep it clean (or relatively so.)


Anonymous said...

I just ran across your blog and am anxious to peruse more of your posts. You appear to have much thought and reasoning behind what you opine. an educator, you should know of the two grammatical errors in the title of this post.

The grammatically correct way is "Of Whom Should The Government Take Care?"

Texas Truth said...

Anonymous: thank you for stopping by by and for your correction of my "grammatically challenged" title.

I shall correct it and give you full credit.

Thanks again and visit often.

Ol' BC said...

I hope you don't mean the federal government. Those issues were left to the states. C'mon TT.

Texas Truth said...

Ol' BC: The federal government should take care of the veterans. They served the country, as the country should take care of them.

As far as the other three, the states should look after them. You are correct. They ARE a state's responsibility.

Angela said...

Howdy Texas Truth!

You are right, this post you wrote is right in line with what I just wrote about.

I'm going to link it on my main post so people will come back and read another perspective: YOURS

I do think that the government should take care of our veterans. After all, they are the ones that fight to protect and serve. I feel the need to take it a step further because Police Officers and Fire Fighters are similar in that they too protect and serve.

I believe if you are a veteran and are disabled to the point that you can not move like you physically then help is in order. Unfortunately there are peeps out there that will do whatever they can to be labeled as disabled. I once had a "friend" in the air force that claimed disability and technically she was more than capable of getting around. I think that the people that fork out disability payments should be doing complete and thorough investigations to make sure that the people that say they are disabled really are.

Ok... I'm off to add a link to this particular post on the one similar on my blog.

Keep up the good work!

Texas Truth said...

Angela: Thanks. I will check out the post on your blog. I hope all is well with you. Thanks.