Saturday, November 17, 2007

Photos and Bios of Criminals Killed in Pasadena, Texas

Diego Ortiz (far left) was one of the two criminals who was killed by Pasadena resident Joe Horn after they burglarized a neighbor's home and then entered Horn's yard.

Miguel de Jesus (near left) was the other criminal who "met his maker" as a result of his criminal behavior. De Jesus had a criminal history and was on parole when he was killed.
I guess these two will never have to worry about making a bad decision again. Their fate was a result of their own actions. To quote my dear old father:
"Don't do the crime if you can't do the time."


Anonymous said...

Too f*ckin' right! And good riddance to bad rubbish.

Anonymous said...

You misquoted your father for this story. The old man did not give these guys a chance to do the time. He shot them seconds after saying " move and you are dead" He never raised his voice louder than he had with the operator and only gave them enough time to turn and see who had said that.

They never entered his yard by the way. He shot one from accross the street and the other from three houses away behind some mail boxes. It was wrong of these guys to steal and deserved punishment but not unprovoked death. If the old man was concerned with the belongings of his neighbor than why didn't he yell. Hey! drop the stuff you're taking or I'll shoot. His mind was set that these two were going to die by his gunshot.

Beejay said...

If anyone's at fault, it's the dispatcher. He/She told Joe, "Don't shoot nobody." A double negative meaning "shoot somebody." There's no room for ebonics in a 911 call.
If the dispatcher would've said: "Don't shoot anybody" then nobody would've been shot.

Texas Truth said...

anonymous" I did not misquote my father. The quote "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time" meansz if you can handle the punishment, do not do the crime. As a result of their crime, they are dead. A hard ending to their lives but they made the choice to commit the crime, so they got the result.

As far as WHERE he shot them, I have not read that anywhere. Where did you get that information?

Texas Truth said...

beejay: After hearing the dispatcher's tape, I am sure he/she did not take Mr. Horn seriously. As far as the Ebonics, it is amazing how many people work in positions of responsibility and have poor verbal skills.

Being a dispatcher for 911 calls should require a mastery of language skills.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is the two burglars were on Mr. Horn's property when he shot them. Both men were shot once at a range of less than 15 feet from Mr. Horn's front door.

Per Texas Penal Code § 9.43, Mr. Horn had the right to defend with deadly force.

In Texas, a person is justified in using force or deadly force against another to protect the property of a third person if he reasonably believes he would be justified to use similar force to protect his own property, and he reasonably believes that there existed an attempt or actual commission of the crime of theft or criminal mischief.

Pasadena Police Capt. A.H. "Bud" Corbett also said the white bag one of the dead men had been carrying contained a large amount of cash, apparently taken from the house.

Why have we not heard anything regarding the owner of the house which was burgled?

What is the connection between the owner of that house and the burglars?

Anonymous said...

God bless Joe Horn

Texas Truth said...

Anonymous: Yes, I hope God blesses him. We should ALL be thankful for his actions.

Texas Truth said...

Anonymous: I have wondered about the "bag of cash." As far as his shooting of them, I think, as many others do, that he was completely justified to “send them to hell.” We need more citizens like Joe Horn. Not afraid to get involve and the guts to defend himself and the property of others.

Anonymous said...

God bless Mr. Horn

Texas Truth said...

Anonymous said... God bless Mr. Horn.

And his family! They are the ones that need our prayers.