Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pasadena, Texas Man Kills Two Criminals Caught In The Act

61-year-old Joe Horn of Pasadena, Texas saw two criminals breaking into his neighbor's house and did what every red-blooded American citizen SHOULD do. He defended his neighbor's property and shot the two criminal's dead. In fact, he confronted them on HIS property, and as they brandished a crowbar at him, he sent them to the great beyond.

The criminals were Miguel Antonio DeJesus, 38, and Diego Ortiz, 30, both of Houston.

Click here to read a story on the incident.

I have been to Pasadena many times over the years. It used to be a middle class working town where families raised their children and lived their lives.

In recent years, Pasadena has turned into a third world country. It looks like Little Mexico. The old part of Pasadena, which once had beautiful houses and neighborhoods look like Tijuana, Mexico.

Crime is up and many of the long time residents have moved away. When I was surfing tonight and read this on a news site, I was not surprise that this happened in Pasadena.

This man did what more good citizens should do. If more people did what he did, we would not see so much crime.

I will keep abreast of this story and make future posts as to its progress.


Anonymous said...

You gun crazy Americans - that's how you determine justice? So in your opinion it was worth killing someone over stolen property? Were the culprits raping or killing someone so that Mr Horn had no choice? No... and the police was seconds away - they wouldn't have gotten away.

And how about shouting "Boom you're dead!" as he executed them??? Is that normal? Is that what every red-blooded American citizen SHOULD do? On the audio tape released it didn't seem like Mr Horn gave them much of a chance to stop...

Pray to God you become like Mexico - the fewer of you dumb southerners in the future - the better.

Texas Truth said...

anonymous: YES! We have a right to protect our property. These criminals were low life trash and got what they deserved.

You would have a great deal more creditability if you would post under a name rather that "anonymous”. Who or what are you hiding from?

Your "Pray to God" comment is laughable. They have less laws and rights in Mexico. In fact, why in the Hell would you bring Mexico into it?

These pieces of trash are dead. They will not be around to rob and possibly do worse in the future.

Anonymous said...

I am actually a gun carrying American who believes in the APPROPRIATE use of deadly force to protect yourself. That was not the case here either under current Texas law or by any appropriate moral standard.

This man will justifiably be tried on two counts of murder as well as face civil litigation. Contrary to what Texas Truth is saying, while Texas does allow in certain circumstances the use of deadly force to protect the property of others this right only exists at nighttime. This was a daytime robbery.

I don't care how tired we all are of property crime. I don't care if these two had stolen from every last person on that block. You do not tell the police you are going to kill them, run out after them and extinguish their lives for this, or the remote and unproven possiblity that they could "possibly do worse in the future".

Terrible decision and he will pay a heavy price.

Texas Truth said...

anonymous: You consider it murder but no matter what you think it is not murder in Texas to kill a burglar running with a bag of loot.

I have asked two different lawyers and both agree. As for reading the law it is deadly force can be used on theft or criminal mischief criminals at night; arson, burglary, robbery criminals fleeing can be shot day or night if that is the only way to recover the loot or to prevent the crime or the completion of the crime.

You don't have to be in fear for your well being.

Once they choose to break into a home or business they should have no expectation of safety.

One of the lawyers said it was an old law school joke that in Texas you don’t need a throw down gun but just a throw down clock radio.

They broke into a house which makes this a burglary not just a simple theft and in my mind anyone that breaks into a house to steal is a danger to society and deserves to be shot.

What about someone that robs a bank or a jewelry store do you think they should be able to run away without getting shot?

If we can’t protect our property then the criminals, by way of the liberals, have way too much power over the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

It appears some attorneys may disagree with the two attorneys you know.

Dane Apgar- NJ said...

AWESOME !!! It's exactly what should have happened. This is why the Texas crime rate is so much lower than the rest of the country. The citizens of Texas, who recently passed a new crime prevention bill on September 1st, KNOW that if they commit certain crimes, of which this was one, face the distinct possibility that deadly force CAN be used against them. Very simple, don't steal...don't die. I won't lose a moments sleep knowing that these twoo individuals died for stealing. Joe Horn is good American, A GREAT Texan, and most of all a FANTASTIC neighbor.

Texas Truth said...

anonymous: time will tell, but is seems here in Texas, more and more people are lining up behind Mr. Horn. A large number of lawyers given opinions on the incident.

The bottom line is two low-life criminal pieces of trash are off the streets. Kudos to Mr. Horn. Perhaps is mroe criminals feared being killed for their crimes, we would have less crime. Whatdayathink?

Texas Truth said...

Dane Apgar- NJ: Glad you agree. What would have happened where you live. I assume your are in New Jersey from your handle.

Anonymous said...

Why have we not heard ANYTHING from the owner of the house that was burgled?

Texas Truth said...

Anonymous: I would also like to hear from his also. I will look and see if anything can be form about him. If I do, I will post it to this blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi - its me, the first anonymous guy.

Do you really believe that anyone that steals should be shot???

Man oh man... what a sad life you must lead - are you so righteous to pass such final judgment?

I feel so sorry for you and i pray for you...

Texas Truth said...

first anonymous guy: To answer your question: YES. If they chose to commit a crime, they got EXACTLY what they deserved. I see nothing wrong with a person defending their property, defending themselves, and the well-being and property of their neighbors. These two men (and I use the tern loosely, as real men would not stoop to crime) decided to commit the crime, so "THEY" passed judgment on themselves. THEIR actions caused their fate.

As far as assuming I lead a sad life. GIVE ME A BREAK. That statement is coming from a person who has no knowledge of me, my family and friends, and my life.

You also state you feel so sorry for me and you pray for me. Use your prayers for someone who is experiencing real tragedy, like Joe Horn.

He is the one who will have to with deal with his action, as heroic and brave as it was, for the rest of his life. These two pieces of trash are dead because of their own bad choices.

You are entitled to your opinion and I respect your right to express it, but leave all the bleeding heart pity out of it. It certainly does not play well with the good, honest law abiding citizens here in Texas (and everywhere around the world, for that matter).

Anonymous said...

So there is no differentiation between different crimes for you... If you see someone raping a woman, or you see someone stealing a bag... you'd use your gun to fix both issues?

As far as saying that real men would not stoop to crime? Apparently in your opinion all crime is committed because of evil or drugs... How can you be so narrow minded as to believe this singularly?

And why should I pray for Joe Horn? Apparently he is mentally ill because of the whole ordeal... If he didn't do anything wrong, why is he fighting with his inner demons?

Try be a little open minded - crime is bad - but one rule doesn't fit all! ;)

Anonymous said...

There were two thugs in my neighborhood going house to house, breaking in and stealing from each one not too long ago. One homeowner saw them coming and called the cops, but they never showed up for 25 minutes. So he loaded his gun and waited in the house, and sure enough the thugs broke in the back, and the homeowner told them to stop, and they pulled pistols in him. So the homeowner shot them dead in his living room. Maybe Horn thought he was next. Does that make sense to the idiot who called us "dumb southerners" above? Pretty easy to call us names over the internet, tough guy.

Anonymous said...

That analogy you just gave is so full of holes - so it was fear that drove him to do what he did? Give me a break... The homeowner you talk about had every right to do what he did (if that is what happened)... and he can sleep at night with a clear conscience.

However - a guy who walks out of his house in the middle of the day, shouts BOOM YOU'RE DEAD, and fires 3 shots at 2 unarmed men - entirely a different story.

BTW... I'm not a tough guy... fortunately I don't own a gun... so I'd be quite scared to cross paths with any angry southerner on a mission. No internet bullets as of yet (thankfully)...

Think before you post - because there is no argument here that the "Horn" lovers can win...

Texas Truth said...

anonymous: They have yet to arrest him, and many "legal experts" in the area have been quoted in the local media that Horn will be “no billed” and if he is, will be found innocent. Criminals need to have a little fear in them. If they think they may die as a result of their criminal activities, I KNOW there would be less crime.

Texas Truth said...

Anonymous: These posted think we are all "dumb southerners" and carry guns in our trucks. They are clueless.

Anonymous said...

To the "pray to God" fella. Maybe you should give us your address so some of the lower life forms can stop by to say "hi". Who's in charge here? The law abiding citizens protecting their homes or the scum? It sure as hell is the scum these days in our justice system. I hope more people shoot the bad guys.

Texas Truth said...

To previous "anonymous"


Latin Pride said...

If this man can kill people like that, cold blodded as is sound on tape. Is sad I just got back from Iraq and I didn't have the b@lls to just pull the triger at any moving person infront of me.

If no latino gang members take justice I be surprice, Law has to be serve, Chicanos don't sleep texas was taking from Mexico show
some latino pride eye for an eye.

Texas will changes......

RealVermonter said...

Ok there are 2 sides to every story. Side 1 illegal aliens who have been deported and returned who also are criminals with records for various other violent crimes(yes b&e is violent) are caught yet again.
side 2 regular citizen who lives in an area that has a much higher crime rate than it did not too long ago(few years).

you can bet your sweet ass if they came to vermont and tried to rob a house in my area, someone would shoot them and everyone would cheer.

why is the crime rate and the repeat offender rate so high in the usa ? because we let them get away with it. Apparently the crime rate across the board(car theft, robbery, home robbery, etc) has gone WAY Down since this. Gee i wonder why. Crooks can profit from jail and thats been proven, but in Hell, all they can do is bake.

If they law says Joe commited a crime, then the law needs to be changed. As for the protesters, they need to just go home because joe has a right to privacy that gets ignored in this country way too much. but thats another rant

Whiskey-Fox said...

These two criminals were in this country illegally and both had criminal histories involving burglary and narcotics possession. Sounds like they had no intention of stopping their criminal ways. They messed with the wrong guy this time!! I'm sure those of you that disagree with Mr. Horn's actions would sit in a corner and piss your pants in the same situation!

Texas Truth said...

Whiskey-Fox: Yes they would piss in their pants. They would also crap in their pnats and beg for mercy while crying like a little baby. Those two PIECES OF TRASH got EXACTLY what they deserved.

Anonymous said...

Yall are crazy. He shouldnt shot him tho. It was not his property they were stealing but ur not God to decide who dies on earth. That is somebodys son, father, brother. What if that was your son that robbed a house and got shot and died.