Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sunsara Taylor: A Wild Radical? You Make The Choice?

I was watching The O’Reilly Factor last night on Fox News and he had Laura Ingraham sitting in for him. She had on Sunsara Taylor, who is a writer for the Revolution Newspaper and sits on the Advisory Board of The World Can’t Wait-Drive Out the Bush Regime.

As I listened to her and Laura go back and forth, all I could think was how much of a wacko she (Taylor) was.

She is completely out of control; a real nut case. The more she talked, the more ridiculous she sounded. I am going to keep my eye and ear out for her. She certainly sounds like a dangerous young woman and reminds me of some of the radical hippies of the 1960s.

Here is a link to her blog. I do not know where she gets her material, but it seems she has a great deal of hate in her. The sites I have linked above have some very dangerous ideas and thoughts on them.

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