Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rosie O'Donnell: Loser To The Nth Degree

Rosie O'Donnell is a sick, sick evil woman. The photo to the right was posted to her blog.

She said her kids were just playing and she felt it was art.

This is sick! The bad thing is it is acceptable by liberal standards.

She doesn’t believe in guns, yet her bodyguard has carries a gun.

She doesn't believe in the war, yet has Army toys around the house for her kids to play with.

She is using her children to further political and lifestyle choices. That child's eyes are lifeless. They have no emotion.

Rosie said her kids were just playing she shot photos of what she saw.

Yeah....Right....So she says. That photo was staged... No doubt about it.

She is such a loser. This is an exact reason why a child needs a MOTHER and a FATHER, not two mothers.

Rosie is such an evil loser. She will do anything to keep her name in the spotlight, and the great unwashed, uneducated masses line up to follow her.

This photo is going to come back to haunt her in the future. Mark my words

Monday, June 25, 2007

More On The "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" Jerk

Joseph Frederick said he was not advocating drug use when he raised his banner at the 2002 Winter Olympics Torch Run.

Yeah, right!!!

Frederick, now 23, who has been teaching and studying in China, pleaded guilty in 2004 to a misdemeanor charge of selling marijuana at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, according to court records.

He later said had to drop out of college after his father lost his job. The elder Frederick, who worked for the company that insures the Juneau schools, was fired in connection with his son's legal fight.

This guy was and is a jerk. I wonder if his school in China knows he is a convicted drug dealer?

How Each Justice Voted in "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" Case

Below is how each justice voted in the “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” case. The President who nominated each to the Supreme Court is in parentheses following their names.

Justices who supported the majority ruling:

Chief Justice John Roberts (George W. Bush)
Arntoniin Scalia (Ronald Reagan)
Anthony Kennedy (Ronald Reagan)
Clarence Thomas (George H. W. Bush)
Samuel Alito (George W. Bush)

Justice who noted separately he would give Principal Deborah Morse qualified immunity from the lawsuit, but did not sign onto the majority's broader free speech limits on students:

Stephen Breyer (Bill Clinton)

Justices who dissented the ruling:

John Paul Stevens (Gerald Ford)
David Souter (George H. W. Bush)
Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Bill Clinton)

Writing for the court’s majority, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote, "It was reasonable for (the principal) to conclude that the banner promoted illegal drug use-- and that failing to act would send a powerful message to the students in her charge."

In dissent, Justice John Paul Stevens said, "This case began with a silly nonsensical banner, (and) ends with the court inventing out of whole cloth a special First Amendment rule permitting the censorship of any student speech that mentions drugs, so long as someone could perceive that speech to contain a latent pro-drug message."

"Bong Hits 4 Jesus" Slapped Down By U.S. Supreme Court

The Supreme Court ruled against a former high school student Monday in the "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" banner case.

The justices' came to a split decision that limits students' free speech rights.

I had posted to this blog about this specific incident on March 19.

It is good to see the Supreme Count uphold the school's decision in that matter.

The student who displayed the sign was acting like a little jerk when he did and and tried to milk it by going to court over it.

I am glad he got himself slapped down over it. I figured the school had the authority to act, but sometimes the school's right in such matters are often overlooked in the guise of "political correctness" and "permissiveness."

Kudos to the Supreme Court for their 5-3 decision. I will post which justices rules in which way as soon as I can research it.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

How Conservartive or Liberal Are You?

I found this test over at at Buckhorn Road blog site.

Try it out. My score is listed below!!!

Your Political Profile:

Overall: 95% Conservative, 5% Liberal

Social Issues:
75% Conservative, 25% Liberal

Personal Responsibility: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

Fiscal Issues: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

Ethics: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

Defense and Crime: 100% Conservative, 0% Liberal

Obama and Religion

Sen. Barack Obama told a church convention Saturday that some right-wing evangelical leaders have exploited and politicized religious beliefs in an effort to sow division.

"Somehow, somewhere along the way, faith stopped being used to bring us together and started being used to drive us apart. It got hijacked," the Democratic presidential candidate said in remarks prepared for delivery before the national meeting of the United Church of Christ.

I have been thinking about Obama's religious leanings lately. I would be willing to bet if he does achieve higher office (President, Vice President, or anything else) it is going to be announced that he is Muslim or that some of his beliefs are based on Muslim principles.

I just have a feeling!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Illegal Immigrant In Court For Death Of TSU Student

I saw this on Bill O'Reilly this evening.

This guy has three strikes on him already (along with numerous other "offenses").
  1. Benitez was convicted of car burglary in February 2006.
  2. Benitez spent seven days in jail for public intoxication and resisting arrest in November 2006.
  3. And now, the Mexican native faces a vehicular homicide charge.
If he is found guilty, as he should be, he should be executed.





Why should this peace of trash be allowed to live when he took the life of such a promising young woman?

Criminal Aliens Are Here Because They Just Want A Better Life...YEAH...RIGHT

Among those arrested in the raids Southern California this week were two hardened criminals.

The sweeps in Orange County, south of Los Angeles arrested Almarez Reveles Gonzalo, 35, wanted in Mexico for the murder of his 74-year-old uncle. He was turned over to Mexican authorities.

Also arrested was Jamie Pena-Martinez, 30, a Mexican national previously convicted of child molestation who was ordered deported.


The illegals immigrants only want a better life and are not a threat to our society. They contribute more than they take!!!


The liberals say WE don't get it. I say THEY DON'T GET IT!!!

I wonder what color the sky is in their world?

I wonder what they have been smoking?

I wonder which frog's back they have been licking?

Scores Arrested in California Immigration Raids

Hundereds of illegal immigrants, including a man wanted for murder and a convicted child molester, were arrested in Southern California raids this week.

The sweeps in Orange County, south of Los Angeles, were part of an operation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement targeting "criminal aliens" defined as people in the country illegally who have also committed other crimes.

I say BRAVO! Keep it up!

175 arersted, many more to go!

As I have said, the government CAN find these criminals if they want to.

Perhaps they should be sent to Sheriff Joe Arpiro's jail in Maricopa County Arizona.

I know he would make them want to go Most of those arrested to Mexico,India, Kenya, the Philippines and Columbia.

Of the 175 arrested, ICE said, 100 had already been deported.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Global Cooling Now A Danger

First it was global warming. Now it is global cooling.

Somw "powers that be" now claim that we could be facing a dangrous world problem with global cooling

Link about on the title of this post to read about it.

There was on paragraph from the article that I have cut and pasted below.

Climate stability has never been a feature of planet Earth. The only constant about climate is change; it changes continually and, at times, quite rapidly. Many times in the past, temperatures were far higher than today, and occasionally, temperatures were colder. As recently as 6,000 years ago, it was about 3C warmer than now. Ten thousand years ago, while the world was coming out of the thou-sand-year-long "Younger Dryas" cold episode, temperatures rose as much as 6C in a decade -- 100 times faster than the past century's 0.6C warming that has so upset environmentalists.

I think it makes a valid point. Climate stability has never been a feature of planet Earth.

I wonder how long until Algore and his "experts" attempt to dispute these facts?

Andrew Riley Pleads Guilty, Is Sentenced

From "The Post Online" in Athens, Ohio.

In my mind, the punishment was not severe enough to fit the crimes.

Oh well, anyone want to lay odds that Andrew will mess up and be placed in the juvenile detention center.

As my dear old father used to say, "That is a sucker bet."

Judge Robert Stewart ruled that Andrew Riley be admitted to the Hocking Valley Community Residential Center in Nelsonville, write letters of apology to the victims of his crimes, pay restitution totaling more than $1,140 and remain on probation until the age of 21.

HVCRC serves as a type of “halfway house,” where juveniles are given training, education and counseling for rehabilitation, according to county Prosecutor C. David Warren. The program runs for six months and serves as an alternative to a juvenile detention center.

If Riley fails to complete any of the court’s orders, he could be placed in a juvenile detention center.

More News on Teenage Thug Andrew Riley

The following was posted on Friday, May 25, 2007 in the Athens, Ohio newspaper about Andrew Riley.

I will keep looking for information on this future star of "America's Most Wanted."

The alleged accomplice and younger half-brother of Nelsonville teenager Andrew Riley admitted guilt today to charges related to Riley’s crimes.

Riley, 13, pleaded guilty in April to 23 counts of theft, burglary and other crimes in a case that received national media attention.

The alleged accomplice, 14-year-old Jeffrey Mehl of Nelsonville, admitted guilt to all but two counts against him in Athens County Juvenile Court, including theft of goods from a car, taking money from two businesses and receiving stolen property — all related to Riley’s crimes — as well as chronic truancy.

Mehl contested two counts of theft, for which another hearing will occur.

Miki Brooks, owner of FullBrooks Café in Nelsonville, where the teen admittedly stole money from a cash register, said Mehl needed to realize that real people were affected as a result of his actions.

Tracie Mcintosh, whose car Mehl broke into, told him there was still hope for him to change his ways.

Athens County Juvenile Court Judge Robert Stewart ended the proceedings before disposition, the sentencing process for juveniles.

Stewart also presided yesterday at a hearing in which Riley’s 12-year-old half brother admitted to receiving stolen property and was ordered to a diversion program.

The 12-year-old said he took $10 from Riley and Mehl in March of 2006 to “keep quiet” after learning the pair had robbed FullBrooks Café. One charge of felony vandalism and one charge of felony burglary were dropped in a plea bargain read by Athens County Assistant Prosecutor Keller Blackburn.

The proceedings took an interesting twist when the juvenile was asked to retell his story and it differed from the original account told to Blackburn and defense counsel Aaron Miller. Stewart issued a short recess, during which the parties agreed on a sequence of events.

By assigning the 12-year-old to a diversion program, Stewart declined to enter a finding of delinquency. If the juvenile does not successfully complete the diversion program, a finding of delinquency could be handed down at another date, Stewart said.

Blackburn protested to the ruling, citing that the 12-year-old had already gone through the diversion program in 2004 when charged with arson, but Stewart stood by his decision.

Blackburn also requested the juvenile pay restitution and write a letter of apology to FullBrooks Café, an order that mirrors Riley’s sentence. Stewart turned down both suggestions, citing that restitution should be sought from those directly involved in the crime.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Federal Judge Blocks Anti-Illegal Immigrant Ordinance

A federal judge has stopped enforcement of a voter-approved ban prohibiting apartment rentals to illegal immigrants in the Dallas suburb of Farmers Branch until a ruling is reached in the case.

This exact case had been discussed on the blog on the past. The ordinance would have required apartment managers to verify that renters are U.S. citizens or legal immigrants before leasing to them, with a few exceptions.

Landlords would have faced fines of up to $500 for violating the measure with each day considered as a separate violation.

U.S. District Judge Sam Lindsay, who stopped the enforcement of the ban was appointed in 1998 by President Bill Clinton.

Before I researched Judge Lindsay, I figured him to be a liberal Democrat, as he indeed is.

On a personal note: If the Democrats take the White House in 2008, we will see a great deal more of these kind of ruling. If it happens, God help us!

Monday, June 11, 2007

No Child Left Behind Doesn't Work

Hillary Clinton and I agree on one thing. No Child Left Behind does not work.

Testing, testing, and more testing. Before that come review, review, and more review.

Those of us on the front line of education have another phrase for it. If you asked anyone involved with education, they will know this phrase.

It is called "teaching the test."

Too much time is spent preparing for these mandated tests. As a result, less time is spent teaching material that a student might actually need and use in their lives.

As I stated earlier in this post, Hillary and I agree on this fact. However, that is a far as the agreement goes.

She says "No Child Left Behind" and its emphasis on testing puts American students in danger of losing their creative edge.

"I think that we are in danger of narrowing the curriculum and leaving children behind. That's the very opposite of what they said would happen."

Loss of creativity. That is the first time I have heard that.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hillary Shoots Hoops

NewsMax.com has a short piece about some the of "facts" that Hillary Clinton is spouting in her run to be the Democratic Candidate for President.

The latest is that she has played pickup basketball.

Can you picture that. Hillary shooting some hoops with her homies.

I bet that would be a sight. Hillary taking it to the hoop!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Pass The Students, AT ALL COSTS

Canada has the same problems as teachers in the USA.

In my school, we have an "unofficial" rule that no more than 10% of the students under your direction can fail.

If they do, the teacher will get called in and asked what they are doing to raise the passing rate.

I guess we ARE preparing them for the future. A future of poverty and little success.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Space Shuttle Launch Set For Friday

The space shuttle Atlantis is scheduled for a 6:38 pm CDT launch on Friday.

I have always wanted to attend a launch. Seeing the shuttle blasting into space has to be one of the most incredible sights in the world.

That is one for the things I have on my list to do before I die.

Hopefully I will be able to do it someday.

This Picture Says It All

William Jerrerson INDICTED

Louisiana Democratic Representative William Jefferson was indicted today on federal charges of racketeering, soliciting bribes and money-laundering

The charges stem from a long-running bribery probe surrounding Jefferson's business dealings in Africa. Jefferson is accused of soliciting bribes for himself and his family, and also for bribing a Nigerian official, the Associated Press reported.

The probe made headlines in August 2005 when investigators raided Jefferson's Louisiana home and found $90,000 in cash stowed in his freezer in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

I only have one response.


Sunday, June 3, 2007

Round 2: Diplomas Withheld Beacuase Of Cheering

This topic has certainly generated a great deal of interest and given this blog more comments than on any previous post.

I understand not holding the student responsible for some other person's actions. However, the school's administration foresaw a problem based on past events, and took action.

So many schools take no action because of possible backlash for parents and the community.

It is a "damned if you do and damned if you don't" situation.

I think the students and parents will live through this. Look at what one of the students said. She indicated she would let the school keep the diploma of her appeal was denied.

The sad thing is that the school and the administration will probably cave in to the parents and give them the students their diplomas without any further action.

Schools and administrators don’t want the headaches that go with their decisions. What a shame. If they do indeed cave in, it will open them up for future attacks on their decisions.

Thanks for your posts. I apprecate the readership and your posts being in a civil manner.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Diplomas Withheld Beacuase Of Cheering

Students whose parents and friends cheered at Galesburg (Illinois) High School had their diplomas denied due to not acting in a dignified way.

About a month before the May 27 ceremony, Galesburg High students and their parents had to sign a contract promising to act in dignified way. Violators were warned they could be denied their diplomas and barred from the after-graduation party.

This is an interesting case, and as I was thinking about posting about a similar incident that I was involved in, I will go ahead and do it now.

I attended a high school graduation ceremony recently. Actually, I was assigned to work, in my duties as a teacher. We had similar cheering and whooping going on as the student's names were announced.. A student would be announced and people would go crazy. Cheering, whistling, and even a few air horns for heard. I believe if you are at a formal occasion, ACT ACCORDINGLY!

Some people in the audience were dressed in working clothes; jeans, t shirts, hats, etc. In respect to others in attendance, I did notice others dressed in proper attire; dresses, coats and ties. I believe if you are a a formal occasion, DRESS ACCORDINGLY!

However, the overall behavior of most of the people in attendance was very inappropriate for a respectful and solemn occasion. This graduation resembled a circus.

I can understand parents and friends getting excited when someone they know graduates. It is an exciting time. In this graduation, those who were creating a spectacle probably were excited that someone in their family actually graduated from high school. That probably will be the high point in their lives.

The fact is that most of these people don't value education and the things that are associated with it. If they did, they would act better.

By the way, the young lady mentioned in the article stated she had a 3.4 GPA. In my school, a 3.4 GPA not as great as one is lead to believe by this article. Since grades are pumped up for honors and advanced courses, it is common for most top graduates to have GPAs over 5.0.

In my view, a 3.4 GPA is the equivalent to a B-C average; hardly representative of an honor student.

Galesburg's assistant superintendent Joel Estes was quoted in saying,

"Lots of parents complained that they could not hear their own child's name called and I think that led us to saying we have to do something about this to restore some dignity and honor to the ceremony so that everyone can appreciate it and enjoy it."

Good for Joel and his administration. We need more decisions like this.

Video Clip of "Prolific" Mother of Seven

I have found a video clip of the "prolific" woman who is only 20 years old and has seven children, including three sets of twins.

Click HERE for the clip.

I feel it confirms my previous post on these people.

Women Give Birth To Third Pair Of Twins

I saw this story on television on Friday evening. When they did the promo clip, some things came to my mind.

First I though she might have been on some sort of fertility drugs and possibly be an older woman.

After I saw the report and read the
article I found out the following facts:

  1. She always has two sets of twins (ages two and three) and another four year old daughter.
  2. The woman is only 20 years old. That means she had these children when she was 16, 17 and 18.
  3. She is unmarried.
  4. The children were from different fathers.
  5. She and the father of the current set of twins are both unemployed.
  6. They both are on welfare.

She was quoted in saying:

"I've always taken care of kids since I was little, I think that's where I got it. When I used to babysit a lot of kids, I wanted to have my own, a lot of kids," she said.

I say: Why are you bringing babies into this world you cannot possibly take of?

The father of the current twins was quoted as:

"Just focus, trying to have my mind right. Try to have my mind right, you know."

Perhaps that focus could have come at an earlier time ion your life. Like school, getting a job, and not bringing children into the world that you cannot possibly support.

Her mother was also quoted about the stress of bringing up seven children.

"I've always talked to her and told her about it, if you ever get depressed that bad, you've got people you can you can talk to, your sister, your brother, her boyfriend."

Notice she didn't mention herself as someone her daughter could talk to. Perhaps if she had talked to her daughter earlier, tehd aughter might not have had so many children.

She needs to have her tubes tied, the children taken, put up for adoption. She is condemning them to the perpetual life of poverty that she, her mother, and the current boyfriend are living in. What a bunch of losers!!!

And they put it on television!! What does one expect!!!!

Our Government's Responsibility

Finishing my thirtieth year in the classroom this past May has caused me to do a great deal of thinking lately.

I assume as one gets older, or closer to death that birth as I like to put it, things just come to mind. I cannot believe is has been thirty years since I first walked into a classroom to educate young minds. The time has surely flown.

Frequently, while watch a movie or a television show, I find myself going to the Internet Movie Database to find facts about the show, movie, or actors.

For some reason, tonight I went to the Bruce Willis page on the website and was reading his biography. It stated that he is one of the few Hollywood types who is a Republican. I did know that fact, but he was quoted saying that in addition to his Republican views, he also had some Democratic views.

This statement made me think about what exactly MY views were. I think I know what I believe, but sometimes I tend to see other people's points of view. Their views usually don't change my mind, but I really like to knowing what other people think and what their respective views are. It helps me to see the other point of view. Most of the time I don;t agree, but as I stated earlier, I like knowing what the think.

The role of our government was brought to mind. Exactly what people should the government take care of? That is a question that has been around since our great country was born.

I feel that four groups of people should be taken care of and protected. Whether the government takes the lead or directs other groups to do it, their well being should be ensured. Understand that I mean basic care and that care may not always be in the form of money.
  1. Children.
  2. People who cannot physically or mentally take care of themselves.
  3. The elderly
  4. The people who have picked up a weapon and defended this country.

In my book, everyone else should get a job and take care of themselves. If they CHOOSE not to, then so be it. They can starve, live under a bridge, or sleep in a storm drain for all I care. They are able bodied enough to care for themselves and should be expected to do so with little, if any help from the government.

I know some will say how much should they be cared for, how should it be done, where will the money or time come from?

That is what I believe. I have shared this list with my high school students as various times in the past years and I am always amazed that most of them agree with me.

As always, I welcome your comments. Perhaps someone out there will change my view on this subject.