Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hurricane Ike-Update #11

(Posting via battery power on the computer. The Internet is working)

Power came on today (for about 3 hours), then we lost it again. I drove to Hempsted, Texas to get gas, as the lines anywhere in the Houston area are a 2-3 hour wait to get gas, if it lasts.

The water is now on and so it the gas (natural). We were able to take a hot shower for the first time today. My Lovely Bride cooked up all the meat in the freezer today and we had friends, neighbors, and anyone else in the neighborhood over to eat. "Share the wealth," we always say.

Cleanup is going very slow and we finally have gotten most of the neighborhood cleaned up. School is on hold until further notice and I think we will not go back to work until next week, if even then.

"We will make it through all of this. I know we will." - Texas Truth

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