Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Ike-Update #6

Hurricane Ike is headed for the Houston area. It is coming. Houston and surrounding areas are going to get hit. There is nothing that can stop it.

Texas Truth's house is boarded up and we are ready to go.

My Lovely Bride went through
Hurricane Carla in 1961 and Hurricane Alicia in 1983. I have been through a few minor storms: Allison-2001 and Rita in 2005, but nothing like Ike.

Luckily, we saved our window boards from Rita and had them stored on the back porch. We boarded the windows and got the yard picked up in about 30 minutes. It sure is nice when things come together and prior planning pays off.

We have a hotel waiting in Austin, as we had a previous engagement scheduled for this weekend, and even though the event has been cancelled, we still have the room.

We are going to decide whether we will take off Friday morning (before 5:00am). Most of our neighbors are staying put and said they will keep us posted (via cell phone and text messages) as to the situation in out part of Texas.

I have been glued to the television and the Internet all day long. Our school district decided to have school today, and attendance was about 85% when the day started. As the day progressed, we had students signing out of school in droves. By the last period of the day, my class had only 50% of the students left.

My Lovely Bride and I are keeping a positive attitude and have taken the approach that if our house floods, we loose the roof, we receive storm damage, or anything else that we cannot fathom occurs, well, that is what why we have insurance.

In either case (stay or leave), I will continue to post as long as the power stays on and the Internet signal stays strong.

For now, take care and if you are in the storm's path: BE CARE AND SAFE!!!

"My message to Texans is, in the projected impact area, finish your preparations because this is a storm that can have extraordinary impact on them, on their personal belongings. It's on its way." - Texas Governor Rick "Zoolander" Perry.


Law and Order Teacher said...

Good luck, my man. May God Bless.

Average American said...

Hope you're in Austin. The news looks bad. Good luck!


The Vegas Art Guy said...

Did your house survive? Let us know would you?

Texas Truth said...

Law and Order Teacher: Thanks. (sorry for the lateness of the reply).

Texas Truth said...

Average American: Yes, we ended up in Austin (sorry for the lateness of the reply).

Texas Truth said...

The Vegas Art Guy: Yes, it did, with minor damage. I have posted about it on the blog. (sorry for the lateness of the reply.