Thursday, September 4, 2008

More Diana Rigg as Emma Peel

I found this clip on YouTube. It is titled "Emma Peel - I'm Too Sexy - Diana Rigg." I have to agree. She is the sexiest woman of my youth. I loved her in her "Emma Peelers."

This is a great collection of short clips of Diana Rigg as Emma Peel. There are two very good parts that I absolutely LOVE.

At :24, she walks away from the camera in a black bra, however you can see reflection in the mirror. For a teen boy of the 60s ..that was PURE HOT!!!

The other is at 2:48 when she puts her hands in her harem pants and pulls them up over her butt. That is another WOW moment.

I have said it many times before. Diana Rigg as Emma Peel was one of the sexiest, if not THE sexiest women in the history of television. She did get me, and a large number of others, through puberty.

The only two women who could even be considered in the same league was Barbara Eden as "Jeannie" and Julie Newmar at "Catwoman." They come close, but "close" only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

Emma Peel: I suppose Mother warned you about women like me?
John Steed: Until now, I didn't know there were women like you.

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