Saturday, September 6, 2008

USA Flags Rescued By McCain Supporters

Mini-USA flags that were found in trash bags at the Democratic Convention in Denver were rescued by John SIDNEY McCain supporters and distributed to McCain supporters in Colorado Springs, Colorado today.

The picture of the flags in the bags (as they were found) is posted at the left.

The democrats are trying to spin this atrocity as "the flags were taken." In my mind, it does not matter. The flag of our country deserves better treatment than this, regardless of the size.

Actions sure does speak louder than words, especially in this incident. The same flags are shown below being proudly waved at the McCain rally in Colorado (as previously stated).

"We want to find good homes for these flags." 630 KHOW radio host Dan Caplis, in a statement at the McCain-Palin rally in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Law and Order Teacher said...

We should be surprised? US flags are props to these people, despite their protestations to the contrary. Pathetic.

Texas Truth said...

Law and Order Teacher: Exactly. I even burn little 2 inch by 3 inch USA flags when they get worn. Proper respect for the flag and the people who have fought under her should be automatic, regardless of the size of the flag or its intended use.

Anonymous said...

Symbolism over substance.

Our national banner was no more than a prompt, like the styrofoam columns for the "event."

No respect, no character, no morals, no direction. no substance, no message.

That is what the Obama campaign is about

Texas Truth said...

nunoftheabove: Disrespect of an American flag is a pet peave with me, no matter how small the flag.