Saturday, May 5, 2007

AMERIKA: A Mini Series from 1987

On my many nights of insomnia, like tonight, I sometimes find myself surfing the net and looking for anything that appears interesting.

For some reason, I remembered a television mini series from the late 1980s called "Amerika." It was about the Soviet Union taking over the United States.

It had many story lines, but I remember Kris Kristofferson was the star. I went to the Internet Movie Database and looked it up.

It brought back some thoughts from 20 years ago, and it made me think.

If John Kerry had been elected, the United States could have ended up like it was depicted in the movie.

I am very afraid if Hillary or Obama get elected, we could be looking at the same thing. The tag line for the movie was:

1997. The world is different. The dream is the same. Let freedom ring.

I shutter to think that we could end up like that.

We need Ronald Reagan back, or at least someone who will have his ideals and leadership.

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