Friday, May 25, 2007

John Wayne's DEATH Movies

There has always been an intense discussion among fans of how many times John Wayne died in the movies.

Through extensive research and mnay hours of movie viewing, I have come up with the definative list of movies the Duke died in. A brief description of the movie and method of his demise is given.

The Shootist-After winning a seemingly hopeless gunfight with three opponents simultaneously, he is shot in the back by the bartender, played by Charles G. Martin, and is then avenged by Ron Howard's character.

The Cowboys-He is killed by Bruce Dern's character.

The Alamo-Playing Davy Crockett, he is stabbed with a lance, then staggers into the ammunition room with a lit torch and blows it up.

Sands of Iwo Jima-He is killed at the end of the film by a bullet fired by a Japanese sniper.

Wake of the Red Witch-He drowns when the sunken ship he is trying to salvage shifts and drops further into the ocean, carrying him with it.

The Fighting Seabees-He is shot by a sniper as he attempts to dismount from a bulldozer loaded with TNT aimed at a fuel depot.

Reap the Wild Wind-He is trapped inside the wreck of a sunken ship after a fight with a giant squid and drowns.

His character's death is not shown in the following movies:

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance-His character is dead at the beginning of the film and the story is told in flashback by James Stewart, who is attending his funeral.

The Sea Chase-Lana Turner and Wayne are on a ship when it sinks, but the possibility that the characters survived is left open.

The Deceiver-Ian Keith's character died, but the corpse was played by John Wayne.

Central Airport-John Wayne has a very minor role as the co-pilot of an aircraft that crashes into the ocean.

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