Friday, May 4, 2007


This past weekend, I was in Houston on business. I was driving down the access road on Highway 45 south, heading towards Galveston.

I had just pulled out of a store, after getting myself a soft drink and I saw an old panel truck sitting in a parking lot outside one of the many flea markets in the area.

Painted on the side, with what I figured was a can of black spray paint, was the phrase "You can't deport all of us."

I just shook my head and drove on to my appointment.

"They" just don't get it. We actually COULD deport them all. The fact is that the government won't allow it to happen.

Next time I will keep a camera in my car to take a photo of such nonsense.


Angela said...

I would love to see photos of this stuff. It's a never ending problem. Doesn't seem fair that our law enforcement doesn't enforce ALL of tbe laws that are on the books. Our government is dispicable for aiding these people and supporting their criminal efforts.

(BTW, I can never tell if my posts are going through. Maybe you could open it up so that people posting can plug in the word verification. You can always delete stuff later. I think this would improve your traffic. Just a thought)

Texas Truth said...

angela: I will be back by that place in Houston this weekend and I will see if it is still there.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have turned off the word verification. It will make it a bit easier on me,

Take care!!!

Anonymous said...

Evidently this is now a billboard on 610 in Houston, Texas. I saw it going West on 610 South. It seems about as absurd as identity thieves renting a billboard to threaten those with bank accounts.