Thursday, May 3, 2007

The GOP Presidential Candidates Debate TONIGHT

I have been watching the GOP Debate on MSNBC this evening.
Much is being said and I am becoming more knowledgable about each of their platforms and views.

There is one thing I realy like about the debate. That one thing is where it is being held, The Ronald Reagan Library.

It is the perfect place to hold the debate, in the library of Ronald Reagan, IMHO the BEST President of the United States in my lifetime and perhaps of all time.

The good Lord knows we could sure use him now.


Lou said...

It is a shame that none of them stack up to Ronald Reagan!

Texas Truth said...

No they don't and it IS a shame. Our country and the entire world could use Reagan again.

Marvin said...

One word: FRED.

Fred 'won' the debate.

Reagan knew the power of projecting a strong image, so does Fred.

Texas Truth said...

Yes, Reagan did know how to project an image. Fred Thompson is certainly someone I am looking at. It is a shame he wasn't in the debate.

I feel he could come the closest to carrying on the stability, honor, and trust that Reagan projected.

Everyone else in the debate were just hitting ground balls, walking, or striking out. We need a home run hitter in there. Fred might be the one.

Angela said...

I missed the debate last night. We were busy watching night at the Museum with the girls.

I've got some serious research to do on these candidates. I suppose YouTube has a copy of the debate?

Texas Truth said...

angela: I hope the museum was nice. I really like museums now that I am older and able to appreciate them more.

If YouTube doesn't have them, there is a conservative video site called QubeTV at

Check it out. It looks like it hasn't been up long, but I have added it to my blog roll.

Have a good weekend.