Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cindy Sheehan Calls It Quits

Cindy Sheehan calls it quits!!!

Well, it is about time. This humble blogger said in previous posts on this forum and in my previous forum (the ORIGINAL Texas Truth Blog) that she would be left out in the cold when the liberal Democrats had no more use for her.

She has not been in the news much lately. In fact, my last post on her was back on December 31.

I haven't posted much on her lately, as she had become too easy a target and other were doing such a good job blogging on her insanity.
However, snuggling up to High Chavez was actually the beginning of the end for her.

Well now she states, will return to her home and try to rebuild her life. The way I look at it, she caused so many of her own problems. She made her bed and now she will have to sleep in it.

Don't be surprised if she turns up at a later time with another "crazy" cause to support. After all, she CRAVED the attention she got! She actually ATE IT UP!

I remember seeing videos and photos of her getting arrested and she was actually smiling. Don't get me wrong, everyone including myself, loves attention. She seemed to love it more than the average person.

She will be back to some degree at a future time. Mark my words....she will be back. Someone who carves attention as much as she does cannot stay away for it for very long.


Ol' BC said...

The left is finished with her.

Texas Truth said...

Yes they are, or at least until they need her again.