Sunday, November 16, 2008

Criminal Aliens Are Just That: CRIMINALS!!!!

An article in the Houston Chronicle was filed today concerning a criminal alien's killing of a mother of five.

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Numerous comments were posted about the article. The following is what I posted on the article. On the Houston Chronicle web site, I post as

Enough is enough. If a person is not LEGALLY in the USA, they are a CRIMINAL!!! Plain and simple. They need to be arrested, tried, and when convicted, issued a harsh punishment. Once the entire punishment is served, they can be sent back to their country or origin. If a family has to struggle because the bread winner is in prison...SO BE IT!!! I could not care less. This is a country of CITIZENS whom have the legal right to be here. If thee punishment for being in OUR country is so severe, it will cut down on the number of MOOCHERS who wish to come here. A real adult (man or woman) would try to make their country a better place, as we did here in the USA. Most, if not all of these criminals, want to live off the government of the USA without contributing POSITIVELY to thebetterment of said country. Any person that refuses to accept that fact needs to be examined by a doctor or pack themselves up and move to the country of THEIR which is more in tune with their own liberal, bleeding-heart ideals.

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