Saturday, November 15, 2008

Obama Wants Israel Back to 1967 Borders

President-elect Barack HUSSEIN Obama intends to pursue a Mideast peace policy that calls on Israel to revert to its pre-1967 borders in return for official diplomatic recognition by the Arab world.

A senior Obama adviser told the London Times that Obama will throw his support behind a 2002 Saudi peace initiative that also has been endorsed by Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, the Arab League, and Israeli President Shimon Peres.

Under the plan:

Israel would be able to veto the return of Arab refugees expelled in 1948.

Israel would restore the Golan Heights to Syria.

Palestinians would be allowed to establish a state capital in east Jerusalem.

According to the senior adviser, Obama has said privately that Israel would be "crazy" to reject such a plan, since it would "give them peace with the Muslim world."

I am not an expert on Middle Eastern affairs, but I cannot see any reason why Israel would want to accept this deal.

This proposal by BHO (AKA Little Barry Soetoro) showshis inexperience and the naivete of his ideals. I cannot believe he really thinks by Israel agreeing to this,would "make peace" between the Arabs and Israel.

The Arab world has made it clear that they want Israel gone from the planet.

BHO is showing how he will handle the world. I have said it one and I will say it again:

"God Help Us, God Help Us All." - Texas Truth

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