Thursday, November 13, 2008

More on the Soviet Space Shuttle "Buran"

Here is another video on "Buran," the Soviet Space Shuttle. It is interesting to me that it is so similar to ours. Does anyone, besides me think that maybe it was the work of SPIES!!!???

The Buran spacecraft (Буран, "snowstorm" or "blizzard"), serial number 11F35 K1, was the only fully completed and operational space shuttle from the Soviet Union's Buran program. It had only one (unmanned) spaceflight, in 1988, before the program was cancelled in 1993. It was destroyed by a hangar collapse in 2002.

"Where would the Russian space program be if it had not 'borrowed' so much from NASA over the years?" - GasCityGuy (A poster on YouTube)

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