Saturday, April 11, 2009

DPS Tells Judge Naranjo to "STICK IT"

Yesterday I wrote a post about Judge Orlinda L. Naranjo of Travis County, who said the Texas Department of Public Safety acted outside the scope of its authority in its changes to driver’s license rules last year.

The DPS said Friday that noncitizens won’t be issued state driver’s licenses unless they meet stringent identification requirements, despite a judge’s decision to put the rules on hold until a trial on their legality.

Naranjo claims in her ruling "This case is not about illegal immigrants obtaining driver licenses, it is about legal residents who have been denied or threatened a denial of a driver license."

Right, Orlinda...Sure it is...Sure it is!!! This from a woman who a member of the Hispanic Bar Association of Austin, serves on the Texas Judicial Council and the Task Force for Indigent Defense, and volunteers with the Hispanic Women's Network of Texas. She is pro-criminal alien and pro-illegal immigration

In my humble opinion, she is just issuing rulings to protect her kinfolk.

"Noncitizens or temporary visitors to the United States who appear at DPS driver license offices will not be issued driver licenses if they do not meet current identification rules" - Statement from the Texas Department of Public Safety


Anonymous said...

I Currently live in Texas on a E visa which allows me to stay in the US for 8 years and I can extend that period for longer if needed.

However I think it is extremely wrong to show a "status" on the DL the biggest problem is discrimination which WILL occur one way of another. Illegal aliens should NOT have DLs but we should not single out Legal ones with a different form of ID. is that to much to ask?

Anonymous said...

go to another country and try to get the same type of license as their citizens, will not happen, you get a foreigner license so you are identified as such.