Monday, April 13, 2009

One Person's Road to Success (But not necessarily the one YOU might want to take)

For all those people out there that are out of work or recently graduated from college and cannot find a job; perhaps they should have taken a different path to their career.

For example:

1. Float around the world as a child before getting dumped on your grandparents by irresponsible parents.

2. Gravitate to your extremist half of your bi-racial heritage.

3. Become a community organizer and take advantage of politically and racially advantageous opportunities.

4. Avoid taking specific positions by voting "Present" a record number of times on legislation.

5. As a Junior U.S. Senator, spend 2 years campaigning for the Office of the Presidency.

6. Have questionable relationships and issues under-reported by liberal media and ignored by ignorant supporters.

7. Become the most liberal and extremist U.S. President in history by playing the race and class envy cards, breaking campaign promise after campaign promise, and doubling the existing national deficit in first 60 days in office.

8. Laugh at ignorant supporters who continue to make excuses for your ability to appoint people of blatant ethical misbehavior to cabinet positions, your lack of executive experience, and your obvious attempts to drive the United States towards an already proven to fail Socialist economic system.

If you follow these eight simple rules, you too can become the POTUS. The only drawback it that the longer you hold the office, the more despised you will become.

Come to think of it, unemployment might be a better option.

"I inhaled. That was the point." - Barack HUSSEIN Obama

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