Thursday, April 30, 2009

Red State Update: Swine Flu

Dunlap's not feeling to well after his trip to Talladega, but still manages to give Jackie Broyles some helpful tips on avoiding swine flu.

"That's right. Concern. Concern that the this country is run by a bunch of dumb asses." - Jackie Broyles

Gerry Rafferty: Baker Street

Some of my favorite fellow bloggers and I occasionally dedicate posts to songs and videos from our youth. Below is a clip of Gerry Rafferty singing his some "Baker Street."

It is one of those songs one cannot help but think about the past. I can remember driving my car and when this song would come you MUST sing along.

Sit back and enjoy the song. See if it does not take you back to a simpler, more innocent time.

Windin' your way down on Baker Street
Light in your head and dead on your feet
Well another crazy day
You'll drink the night away
And forget about everything
This city desert makes you feel so cold.
It's got so many people but it's got no soul
And it's taken you so long
To find out you were wrong
When you thought it held everything

You used to think that it was so easy
You used to say that it was so easy
But you're tryin'
You're tryin' now
Another year and then you'll be happy
Just one more year and then you'll be happy
But you're cryin'
You're cryin' now

Way down the street there's a light in his place
He opens the door he's got that look on his face
And he asks you where you've been
You tell him who you've seen
And you talk about anything

He's got this dream about buyin' some land
He's gonna give up the booze and the one night stands
And then he'll settle down in some quiet little town
And forget about everything

But you know he'll always keep movin'
You know he's never gonna stop movin
Cause he's rollin'
He's the rollin' stone

And when you wake up it's a new mornin'
The sun is shinin' it's a new mornin'
You're goin'
You're goin' on.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sean Delonas Cartoon (New York Post) for April 29, 2009

How True...How True!!!

"The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism." - Karl Marx

REPOST: Another Great Memory From My Youth: The Wild Wild West

On Sunday, April 27, 2008, I posted a piece about one of my favorite shows growing up. It was the "The Wild Wild West". You Tube has since removed the original video clip, so I went out and found another. Below is the original post. Please enjoy this repost.

Here is another great memory from my youth. I looked forward to watching "Wild Wild West" every week. Robert Conrad WAS excellent in the role as James T. West and Ross Martin WAS Artemus Gordon.

The Will Smith-Kevin Klein version of "Wild Wild West" was a poor substitute.

Enjoy the opening clip below. It is the one where West punches the woman after the kiss. I always figured she deserved it. After all, if she messed with James West, she got what she deserved.

I thought that was the best part of the intro. The studios could not get away with that in this day and age.

Well, sit back and enjoy this opening intro. It brings back even more happy memories from my youth.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

CNN Plans "Celebration" for Obama's 100th Day in Office

Conservative radio commentator Rush Limbaugh says the mainstream media attitude on Barack HUSSEIN Obama (aka Little Barry Soetoro, Oprah's Love Child, The Boy Wonder, BO, The Big ZERO, P Bo) is that he is too big to fail.

CNN has planned for the night of April 29 (tomorrow) is one of several signs that this is the case. According to a report from the Associated Press, CNN has a big night of coverage planned for Obama's 100th day in office that will supplant normally scheduled programming.

The AP says: "The network will compile a national report card of Obama's performance, using opinion polls and a series of viewer surveys."

Because the main stream media is so full of liberal deceit we have no doubt Little Barry Soetoro will get straight "A's" from his adoring media worshipers.

"This is the perfect day to have commentary about how the president is doing and the perfect day to ask the public how they think the president is doing." - Sam Feist, CNN political director.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Air Force One Photo Op: Another Brilliant Move by Obama Administration

I am sure EVERYONE has heard about today's debacle with Air Force One being flown over New York City with F-16 fighter jets flying in close proximity FOR A PHOTO OP!

THIS WAS A TOTAL FUBAR!!! (If you do not know what the acronym "FUBAR" means; ask a military man.)

THIS WAS A TYPICAL SNAFU FROM THE WHITE HOUSE!!! (Same instruction for this acronym).

This is a classic example of what Conservatives have been warning you the masses about. Barack HUSSEIN Obama (aka Little Barry Soetoro, Oprah's Love Child, The Boy Wonder, BO, The Big ZERO, P Bo) is for Barack HUSSEIN Obama, only for Barack HUSSEIN Obama and just for Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

Has anyone gotten a job because of him yet?

Has anyone gotten a check in the mail yet?

Has anyone gotten a new car yet?

Does anyone have a better bank account since he got into office?

Did the 800 billion dollar stimulus package which he had to have right away do you any good?

Imagine, his people flew an Air Force One 747 over the city on a low approach with F-16 fighter jets flying in all so that he could get a photo.

This scared many of the people who saw it. Well, you can thank Little Barry Soetoro for that one!

This can't be blamed on George Bush? Does anyone have a new liberal excuse for Obama's screwups like this one?

Can't wait to hear Leno or Letterman. Of course, it was George Bushes fault. No, maybe it was Ronald Reagan's fault. Maybe it was President Eisenhower's fault. No, it had to be Lincoln's fault. No, no, was Thomas Jefferson's fault. That's it. We'll blame it on the Founding Fathers.

The brain washed, criminal alien loving, welfare wanting, unwashed masses voted for him and his agenda. Now you got it. You have The Boy Wonder's SAS (Socialism and Stupidity).

It came out later in the day that The Big ZERO claimed he didn't know anything about it.


This guy is suppose to be on top of everything and he missed this. GIVE ME A BREAK!

If he didn't know, then he should have. After all, P Bo WAS elected to the office. He BETTER know when something like this happens. If he did not know or cannot know, then he has NO BUSINESS in the job.

This was a total POOCH SCREW and everyone knows it. I wonder which member of his administration will fall on his sward to protect BO from this idiotic decision.

"Everyone has a right to be stupid; some people just abuse the privilege." - Unknown

ZoNation: Shoot Again!

Alonzo Rachel on North Korea's view of the Current Temporary Resident of the White House.

PS: The role of the protester is played by Miki Yamashita.

"I think it's funny that Obama said that the missile defense systems were unproven when they have actually been used successfully." - dudemanbearpig (a poster on YouTube)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

ZoNation: YES WE CAN!!!

Alfonzo Rachel who publishes videos on YouTube as "machosauceproductions" has been picked up by Pajamas TV. His videos on PJ TV are titled "ZoNation".

Here is one of his first videos on PJ TV. He is just talking about things we can magically do now.

"This guy speaks volumes." - Texas Truth

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Red State Update: Obama's New Best Buddy Hugo Chavez

Jackie Broyles and Dunlap discuss Barack HUSSEIN Obama's (aka Little Barry Soetoro, Oprah's Love Child, The Boy Wonder, BO, The Big ZERO, P Bo) recent exchange with Hugo Chavez.

"There's something wrong with people who read." - Jackie Broyles

Red State Update: Pirates

Jackie Broyles and Dunlap discuss pirates.

"I don't like pirates, no sir." - Jackie Broyles

Riding Out the Storm? You’ll Pay for the Rescue!

More than 20,000 people stayed on Galveston Island last year despite a mandatory evacuation order as Hurricane Ike approached the Texas coast. Allison Castle, spokeswoman for Gov. Rick Pery, said there were 3,540 rescues in the region by state and local authorities, and the U.S. Coast Guard.

"They have that right to remain if they choose to,” said bill author Sen. John Carona, R-Dallas. “But they stay at their own peril, and they stay with the possibility that if recovery is necessary to preserve their lives, they’d pay the related cost. And that’s potentially a lot of money.”

The cost of a helicopter rescue is about $4,400 an hour.

The measure still needs approval from the House.

I think this is a great idea. When the experts say "GET OUT," you need to get you butt out of the area.

And please don't tell me about the "poor" who can't make it out - during Ike, there were MANY opportunities for those of lesser means to get out of harms way. Generally, the ones who stayed were the ones who valued their material things more than their lives.

It annoys me greatly for people to put other people's lives in jeopardy out of some juvenile sense of bravado. "Nah! I'm gonna ride it out!" Well ride it out by yourself buddy. Hopefully what happened during Ike will put a damper on that kind of thinking for a couple of decades. The only people in may need rescuing will be like some of the elderly folks on the Bolivar Peninsula who had rides not show up or tried to leave but couldn't. I do not mind paying for them to get out.

As for the others; if they stay and die, well I guess we will have a few less stupid people here in Texas to deal with.

"Life is hard. It's harder if you're stupid." - John Wayne

Friday, April 24, 2009

If Texas Did Succeed From the USA?

At the Tea Party in Austin, the crowd shouted over and over "secession". Texas Governor Rick Perry (aka Zoolander) chimmed in on this himself, saying that Texans might become so angry, that Texas might secede.

It is a fact that Texas was at one time a country. Much press has been given to this statement here in Texas. Many schoalrs have also put their two cents in; some claiming that Texas legally succeed from the United States while otehr say they gave up that right after the Civil War.

In either case, I did some research and came up with some interesting facts about the Lone Star State.

So what does Texas have to do to survive as a Republic?

1. NASA is just south of Houston, Texas. We will control the space industry.

2. We refine over 85% of the gasoline in the United States.

3. Defense Industry — we have over 65% of it. The term “Don’t mess
with Texas,” will take on a whole new meaning.

4. Oil - we can supply all the oil that the Republic of Texas will
need for the next 300 years. What will the other states do? Gee, we
don’t know. Why not ask Obama?

5. Natural Gas - again we have all we need and it’s too bad about
those Northern States. John Kerry and Al Gore will have to figure out
a way to keep them warm…

6. Computer Industry - we lead the nation in producing computer chips
and communications equipment -small companies like Texas Instruments,
Dell Computer, EDS, Raytheon, National Semiconductor, Motorola, Intel,
AMD, Atmel, Applied Materials, Ball Misconduct, Dallas Semiconductor,
Norte l, Alcatel, etc. The list goes on and on.

7. Medical Care - We have the research centers for cancer research,
the best burn centers and the top trauma units in the world, as well
as, other large health centers. The Houston Medical Center alone
employs over 65,000 people.

8. We have enough colleges to keep us getting smarter: University of
Texas, Texas AM, Texas Tech, Texas Ch ristian, Rice, SMU, University
of Dallas, University of Houston, Baylor, UNT (University of North
Texas ), Texas Women’s University, etc. Ivy grows better in the South

9. We have an intelligent and energetic work force, and it isn’t
restricted by a bunch of unions. Here in Texas, it’s a Right to Work
State and, therefore, it’s every man and woman for themselves. We just
go out and get the job done. And if we don’t like the way one company
operates, we get a job somewhere else.

10. We have essential control of the paper, plastics and insurance
industries, etc.

11. In case of a foreign invasion, we have the Texas National Guard,
the Texas Air National Guard and several military bases. We don’t
have an Army, but since everybody down here has at least six rifles
and a pile of ammo, we can raise an Army in 24 h ours if we need one.
If the situation really gets bad, we can always call the Department of
Public Safety and ask them to send over the Texas Rangers.

12. We are totally self-sufficient in beef, poultry, hogs and
several types of grain, fruit and vegetables, and let’s not forget
seafood from the Gulf. Also, everybody down here knows how to cook
them so that they taste good. Don’t need any food.

13. Three of the ten largest cities in the United States, and
twenty-three of the 100 largest cities in the United States, are
located in Texas. And Texas also has more land than California, New
York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Massachusetts,
Maryland, Rhode Island and Vermont&n bsp;combined.

14. Trade: Three of the ten largest ports in the United States are
located in Texas.

15. We also manufacture cars down here, but we don’t need to. You see,
nothing rusts in Texas, so our vehicles stay beautiful and run well
for decades.

This just names a few of the items that will keep the Republic of
Texas in good shape. There isn’t a thing out there that we need and
don’t have.

"We’ve got a great union. There’s absolutely no reason to dissolve it. But if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, you know, who knows what might come out of that. But Texas is a very unique place, and we’re a pretty independent lot to boot." - Rick Perry

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Red State Update: Perez Hilton Vs. Miss California

Jackie Broyles and Dunlap weigh in on the Perez Hilton Miss USA controversy.

"I'm sure he's worked on some guys named Dell." - Dunlap

Blair Contradicts Obama, Administration on Interrogation

The following is from the OADLD (Obama Administration Deceit and Lies Department:

Barack HUSSEIN Obama's (aka Little Barry Soetoro, Oprah's Love Child, The Boy Wonder, BO, The Big ZERO, P Bo) top intelligence official privately told employees last week that "high value information" was obtained in interrogations that included harsh techniques approved by former President George W. Bush.

"A deeper understanding of the Al Qaeda network" resulted, National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair said in a memo, which the Associated Press obtained a copy of. In a public statement released the same day, Blair did not say that interrogations using the techniques had yielded useful information.

Let's see how The Boy Wonder responds to this?

"I like to think I would not have approved those methods in the past, but I do not fault those who made the decisions at that time, and I will absolutely defend those who carried out the interrogations within the orders they were given." - Dennis Blair

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hillary Avoids Torture Memo Question By Mocking Cheney -- Rohrbacher Calls Her Out

Hillary RODHAM Clinton (aka Hildabeast, Godzillary, Hillbillary, Her Thighness, Hillary Rotten Clinton) mocked Dick Cheney at a Capitol Hill review of her first three months as Secretary of State.

"It won't surprise you that I don't consider him a particularly reliable source," Clinton said, dismissing the former Vice President's claim that classified documents prove that harsh interrogations of terror suspects yielded vital intelligence.

Clinton cut off Rep Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.), who demanded to know whether she would advise President Obama to release the documents. "I'm not going to share that with you," Clinton said.

This woman is beyond belief. She is as bad if not worse than her husband. She is also much more dangerous than her husband.

"It won't surprise you that I don't consider him a particularly reliable source. - Hillary RODHAM Clinton

Houston Tea Party Clip # 1

Here is video clip #1 shot by My Lovely Bride at the Houston Tea Party on April 15, 2009 at Jones Plaza in Houston.

"We hope you enjoy it." - Texas Truth and My Lovely Bride

"Mr. Jefferson" - The Mike Church Show Band

The Mike Church take on the Simon & Garfunkel classic, "Mrs. Robinson". Listen to the words. I know it is a parody, but it is so very true.

"Where have you gone Ron Wilson Reagan? Our nation turns it's lonely eyes to you." - lyrics from the song.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Three Immigration Songs by Mike Church: SECOND POST!!!!

On March 10, 2009, I posted three immigration songs by Mike Church. It seems they were removed from YouTube. I do not know if it was the YouTube Police, angry liberals, or what, but I found another copy of them. They are posted below.

1. Shootin Wetback at the Border
2. Work Like a Mexican
3. Manuel Went Down to Georgia

"Enjoy, AGAIN!!!" - Texas Truth

Monday, April 20, 2009

Family Guy: Stewie Bluegrass

I love to watch "Family Guy." Yes, it is a cartoon, but watching it and seeing all the "tie-ins" to news, celebrities, and current events is interesting. All the characters are funny and one never knows what will come next. What makes it funny to me is that My Lovely Bride and I have friends in Rhode Island. We love all the connections to RI.

Below is a clip of Stewie playing bluegrass on a banjo. The words of the song is my quote today.

Warm out today.
Warm yesterday.
Even warmer today.
Met her on my CB
Said her name was Mimi.
Sounded like an angel come to Earth (Come to Earth)
When I went to meet her
Man, you should've seen her
Twice as tall as me
Three times the girth. (Girth)
Oh, my fat baby loves to eat. (Love to Eat)
A big ol' Buddha belly and her breasts swing past her feet (Feet)
My fat baby loves to eaaaaaattttt
My Big Ol' Fat Ass Baby loves to eat.
(banjo solo)

Sunday, April 19, 2009



The State Television Channel of Venezuelan broadcast exclusive images of the last encounter between Hugo Chavez and Barack HUSSEIN Obama (aka Little Barry Soetoro, Oprah's Love Child, The Boy Wonder, BO, The Big ZERO, P Bo) at the end of Closing Ceremony of the Summit of the Americas.

Obama approached Chavez and was heard say to Chavez “Goodbye, my friend”.

View the video and story in Spanish

The English translation of the web site is

"Goodbye, my friend." - Barack HUSSEIN Obama to Hugo Chavez

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Calls for Obama's Impeachment

Many are calling for the trail, conviction and imprisonment of Barack HUSSEIN Obama (aka Little Barry Soetoro, Oprah's Love Child, The Boy Wonder, BO, The Big ZERO, P Bo). I think that some of that may happen soon than we think.

You can sure bet the impeachment charges will come after the 2010 mid term elections. The liberal democrats are crapping in their pants right now, Not 3 months into his term of office, Barack HUSSEIN Obama as already spent more money, made more mistakes, and pissed off more people that any of his predecessors’ entire terms of office.

The conservatives will take back control of the House and/or the Senate in 2010 and the charges will fly. Watch for a large number of his appointees to bail as we get closer. They know they will be also targets and dragged into the mess that The Boy Wonder has created and will not want to be directly involved with the mess.

He will spend the last two years of his term mired in law suits, criminal and civil charges, and questions on his ability AND the legality of his first two years in office, that he will be lost. Because of this, he will be a lame duck President and will not get a second four years.

After that, he will be nothing more that a bad memory in our minds, a footnote in world history and a lesson for all students of history of how not to be a politician. Add that to the fact that his questionable birth certificate and other hidden records will become increasingly demanded by the public. All of this is a bee hive waiting to be hit by a stick, with it's contends wreaking havoc on everyone.

All in all, the framers would probably agree that it's better to impeach too often than too seldom. If presidents can't be virtuous, they should at least be nervous." - Joseph Sobran

Obama Meets His New Playmate: Hugo Chavez

Barack HUSSEIN Obama (aka Little Barry Soetoro, Oprah's Love Child, The Boy Wonder, BO, The Big Zero) extended his hand to two of the world's most despised leaders who have, on numerous occasions, expressed their extreme hatred for the United States.

At the Summit of the Americas in the two-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago, The Boy Wonder signaled he was ready to accept Cuban President Raul Castro’s proposal of talks on issues once off-limits for Cuba, including the scores of political prisoners held by the communist government. Obama exchanged handshakes and pats on the back with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, who once likened President George W. Bush to the devil.

You have to be kidding me. I cannot believe anyone who has a basic knowledge of history would unequivocally believe that drivel. Oprah's Love Child is offering his hand, which may I remind everyone, represents everyone in the United States, to two men who have vowed to hate and destroy us with all their might.

Some say he is extending the hand of diplomacy. I say he is offering up his hand, and when all is said and done, will be bloody from the conflict that he can not, will not and does not have the knowledge, desire, or cajones to fight.

Diplomacy is about find common ground for settlement of conflicts, not about talking to our enemies. These third world dictators are not of the mindset to come to common grounds on anything. They want what they want and care nothing about their opponent’s desires.

That is the basis of socialist theory. There are only two reasons BO is cozying up to our enemies. Either his wishes to be like them or he is already one of them. Read anything this man as written and it is based in socialist teaching, central control, and the subjugation of the masses.

The Big Zero is following the beliefs of his mother, his father and stepfather, and most of his mentors. The only thing he does not realize is that these despots view him as weak minded and unskilled at the "game." They will lead him (and our country) down the primrose path and when the time is right "lower the boom." He is playing at the job of POTUS. He will go down in history as the very worst President that this country will ever see.

"When Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez set foot in front of the Hyatt Regency Hotel yesterday chaos broke out, proving to many that he was a man of the people. In contrast, the move by United States President Barack Obama to dodge the media by taking a back route, meanwhile, did not go down well." - As written by Aabida Allaham in the Trinidad and Tobago Express

Friday, April 17, 2009

Houston's Tea Party

My Lovely Bride and I attended the Houston Tea Party at Jones Plaza (next to the Hard Rock Cafe) in Houston. The place was packed with thousands of people. I have not heard an official count, but I will post it as soon I find out.

Below are photos from the event. I will post more and some of the video My Lovely Bride shot, along with some comments later this weekend.

"Enjoy" - Texas Truth

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Red State Update: Tea Parties

Why did Jackie Broyles and Dunlap miss out on all the fun today at the Tea Parties? They should have come down to Houston and got with all us hard core conservatives.

"I don't like protesting. No sir. I don't think...No good ever came from no one protesting nothin'". - Jackie Broyles

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Red State Update: Back In The Day (2007) # 2

This video was posted on September 26, 2007 and has Jackie Broyles and Dunlap talking about the Jena 6, however everything they say seems to come out wrong. They had it back then and they still have it today. Their take on the issues of the day (and past days) is a breath of fresh air in a society where everyone has to watch what they say.

"Whoa, wait a minute now. I am not just pro Black. I'm pro everybody." - Jackie Broyles

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

If You Love God, Freedom and Limited Government You Are an Enemy of the State

Today the Washington Times printed an article about Barack HUSSEIN Obama"s (aka Little Barry Soetoro, Oprah's Love Child, The Boy Wonder, BO, The Big "ZERO," and The Messiah) Department of Homeland Security crew releasing a report about, and plans to step up efforts to watch, “Right Wing Radical Extremists.” You can view the report here.

It is interesting that this is released just before the April 15 Tea Parties that are scheduled across America.

This passage the article itself:

A footnote attached to the report by the Homeland Security Office of Intelligence and Analysis defines “right wing extremism in the United States” as including not just racist or hate groups, but also groups that reject federal authority in favor of state or local authority.

“It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single-issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration,” the warning says.

Notice the clever use of “immigration” instead of “illegal immigration.” Of course genuine extremists groups, usurpers of the rights of others through violence, should be monitored. Individuals who reject “federal authority in favor of state or local authority," I don't think so.

This is just one step closer to the normative labeling of anyone that disagrees vocally with the The Boy Wonder's administration as extremist. Think about the following scenarios

If you speak out against illegal immigration (criminal aliens), you could be tagged as a right-wing extremist.

If you listen to Rush Limbaugh, you could be tagged as a right-wing extremist.

If you have military experience, you could be tagged as a right-wing extremist.

If you are against abortion, you could be tagged as a right-winged extremist.

If you support gun ownership, you could be tagged as a right-winged extremist.

If you are against tax increases, you could be tagged as a right-winged extremist.

If you believe in a Christian God, you could be tagged as a right-winged extremist.

If you against same-sex marriages, you could be tagged as a right-winged extremist.

If you believe in state rights, you could be tagged as a right-winged extremist.

I am very concerned about this report. Of course, Oprah's Love Child has not made a comment concerning this report. When he does comment, he could denounce it or say it is being misinterpreted.

However, think about this. Said report came from the DNS. It is headed by Janet Napolitano. She is one of BO's appointees. Therefore she does expound Little Barry Soetoro's ideas, or she would not have the job.

This is scary. Very scary indeed. If she (and the Obama administration) can issue suck a bold and totally invalid report and nobody calls them to task over it, this country is headed further into the abyss. I fear we are losing this country to the extreme left.

"The Framers [of the Constitution] knew that free speech is the friend of change and revolution. But they also knew that it is always the deadliest enemy of tyranny." - Hugo Black (American Jurist, Lawyer and Politician best known for his absolutist belief in the Bill of Rights as a guarant, 1886-1971)

Red State Update: Back In The Day (2006) # 1

This is Red State Update from "back in the day" posted March 28, 2006.

Jackie Broyles and Dunlap discussed the new immigration legisation, the Million Mexican March, and what Dunlap does in the shower.

"Half a million Mexicans in the street? Hell, in Los Angeles, that's just like a Thursday to them." - Jackie Broyles

Monday, April 13, 2009

One Person's Road to Success (But not necessarily the one YOU might want to take)

For all those people out there that are out of work or recently graduated from college and cannot find a job; perhaps they should have taken a different path to their career.

For example:

1. Float around the world as a child before getting dumped on your grandparents by irresponsible parents.

2. Gravitate to your extremist half of your bi-racial heritage.

3. Become a community organizer and take advantage of politically and racially advantageous opportunities.

4. Avoid taking specific positions by voting "Present" a record number of times on legislation.

5. As a Junior U.S. Senator, spend 2 years campaigning for the Office of the Presidency.

6. Have questionable relationships and issues under-reported by liberal media and ignored by ignorant supporters.

7. Become the most liberal and extremist U.S. President in history by playing the race and class envy cards, breaking campaign promise after campaign promise, and doubling the existing national deficit in first 60 days in office.

8. Laugh at ignorant supporters who continue to make excuses for your ability to appoint people of blatant ethical misbehavior to cabinet positions, your lack of executive experience, and your obvious attempts to drive the United States towards an already proven to fail Socialist economic system.

If you follow these eight simple rules, you too can become the POTUS. The only drawback it that the longer you hold the office, the more despised you will become.

Come to think of it, unemployment might be a better option.

"I inhaled. That was the point." - Barack HUSSEIN Obama

Conservatives + War Mongers-I DON"T THINK SO!!!!!

I saw the following stats on a website and thought they looked very interesting. When the koolade drinking, pot smoking, abortion supporting, tree hugging, bleeding heart liberal (socialist) democrats say Conservative Republicans are war mongers, throw these facts at them.

Post WWII wars and casualties:
Harry Truman: Korea = 36,574 casualties
Lyndon Johnson: Vietnam = 58,209 casualties
democrat total = 94,783 casualties

Republican presidents Eisenhower and Nixon got us out of Korea and Vietnam.

George H.W. Bush: The Gulf War = 529 casualties
George W. Bush: The War on Terror = 4734 casualties (to this point)
Republican total 5,263

In any sane and logical world, how could they interpret that Republicans are war mongers?

What a bunch of MOOKS!!!!

"Bigot-A person who wins an argument with a liberal" - Rush Limbaugh

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The PUMA (And I Don't Mean Lance Berkman or the Athletic Shoe)

The talk around the 2009 New York Auto Show is the "PUMA". PUMA stands for Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility, and works on similar principles as the Segway Personal Transporter.

The PUMA is supposed to go up to 35 mph, with a range of 35 miles. It weighs 400 pounds, but is a very early model, with a second generation due to come out in the fall. GM initially approached Segway about the collaboration 18 months ago, but the PUMA on display was developed and built at the Segway plant in only 90 days.

New York Post cartoonist Sean Delonas' cartoon for Thursday April 9, 2009 is below. I think he has the same opinion as mine.

My quote today will be my own.

"Who in the HELL is going to drive one of these? Certainly not anyone from Texas?" - Texas Truth

"Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles"

This year, actually last year (fall, 2008) I began watching "Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles".

I was dubious at first, since I usually hate television shows that are adapted from popular movies.

I am glad I was wrong. The characters are portrayed very well and the story lines keep the viewer intrigued from week to week.

In my humble opinion, the character that MAKES the show is
Summer Glau. She plays terminator Cameron Phillips,

Cameron is a reprogrammed terminator sent from the year 2027 to protect John Conner and his mother, Sarah Conner.

Glau's acting ability makes one believe that she is a cyborg. Her facial mannerisms and body movement, along with the way she delivers her lines are impeccable.And to add icing to the cake, she is a TEXAS girl. Born and bred in San Antonio.

She is so gorgeous. It is hard for me to believe I am old enough to be her father. Oh well, a fat, balding, old white man is allowed to look, isn't he?

Check out the show on Hulu if you have never seen it.

"Come with me if you want to live" - Terminator

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Obama Again Pushes Amnesty for Illegals

Despite surveys showing that 75 percent of U.S. citizens are against providing amnesty, Barack HUSSEIN Obama (aka Little Barry Soetoro, Oprah's Love Child, The Boy Wonder, BO, The Big ZERO), Nancy Pelosi, and the Democratic-controlled House will push a system to make 12 million illegal aliens residing in the United States legal.

Read the first line against:

"Surveys showing that 75 percent of U.S. citizens are against providing amnesty..."

The majority of the country is against this action. It should not be allowed to happen.

The Boy Wonder will never get it. He will continue to push forth his socialist, liberal agenda in an attempt to give his party and their followers a stranglehold on the electorate and ensure their control of the United States for decades to come.

God help us if he is successful in adding millions of criminal aliens to the voter roles and legitimizing their criminal acts.

The plan BO and his followers are pushing is as follows:

1. Bring illegal immigrants into the legal system by recognizing that they violated the law.

2. Impose fines and other penalties to fit the offense.

3. Prevent future illegal immigration by strengthening border enforcement.

4. Prevent future illegal immigration by cracking down on employers who hire illegal immigrants.

5. Create a national system for verifying the legal immigration status of new workers.

"The people who support criminal aleins are mooks." - Texas Truth

Back in Texas, A More Simple Life for Geroge W. Bush

I read this article in The Washington Post about President George W. Bush and his transition to life as a private citizen.

Read the article by clicking
here. It is a very good read about how he views his days in the White House and how he spends his days now.

He stated he did not intend to criticize Barack HUSSEIN Obama (aka Little Barry Soetoro, Oprah's Love Child, The Boy Wonder, BO, and The Big Zero). One thing that came to my mind was the fact that, as far back as I can remember, Republican Presidents have not criticized their democratic successors or subsequent democrat Presidents.

I cannot remember one case of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan George H.W. Bush or George W. Bush having lashed out at a democrat residing in the White House.

On the other hand, I can recall many times that Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton lashed out at Republican Presidents.

George W. Bush shows a great deal of class in this article. I have stated before I did not agree with everything he did during his eight years in office. However on the whole, I think he did a good job as POTUS.

This is another case of Conservative Republican Presidents acting with class and show how they have more morals, more culture, and MORE CLASS than ANY democrat who ever held the office.

"Over the course of being president for eight years, you become, in some respects, immune to all the noise out there. He's secure in the place he's in. He's confident in the decisions he made. There's none of that 'Shoulda, woulda, coulda." - Dan Bartlett, a senior aide to Bush for more than a decade.

DPS Tells Judge Naranjo to "STICK IT"

Yesterday I wrote a post about Judge Orlinda L. Naranjo of Travis County, who said the Texas Department of Public Safety acted outside the scope of its authority in its changes to driver’s license rules last year.

The DPS said Friday that noncitizens won’t be issued state driver’s licenses unless they meet stringent identification requirements, despite a judge’s decision to put the rules on hold until a trial on their legality.

Naranjo claims in her ruling "This case is not about illegal immigrants obtaining driver licenses, it is about legal residents who have been denied or threatened a denial of a driver license."

Right, Orlinda...Sure it is...Sure it is!!! This from a woman who a member of the Hispanic Bar Association of Austin, serves on the Texas Judicial Council and the Task Force for Indigent Defense, and volunteers with the Hispanic Women's Network of Texas. She is pro-criminal alien and pro-illegal immigration

In my humble opinion, she is just issuing rulings to protect her kinfolk.

"Noncitizens or temporary visitors to the United States who appear at DPS driver license offices will not be issued driver licenses if they do not meet current identification rules" - Statement from the Texas Department of Public Safety

Friday, April 10, 2009

Obama Says Economy Showing "Glimmers of Hope"

Barack HUSSEIN Obama (aka Little Barry Soetoro, Oprah's Love Child, The Boy Wonder, BO, The Big ZERO) said today the economy is showing "glimmers of hope" despite continuing stresses and signaled more steps to brighten the business climate.

Obama commented to reporters after meeting at the White House with members of his economic team, including Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, economic adviser Larry Summers and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.

The Boy Wonder will never understand that middle class America made this country what it is. Of course he says there is a glimmer of hope for the country. That is what he is telling his underlings to say.

His press "lackeys" need to make it look as if he is doing something positive. All I have see him doing is running around the world, being played like a fool, and making America and Americans look weak to everyone. This is going to be a LONG 4 years until 2012.

"What we're starting to see is glimmers of hope across the economy. Whatever we do ultimately has to translate into economic growth and jobs. - Barack HUSSEIN Obama

Red State Update: Sexting

Dunlap attempts to discuss sexting with Jackie Broyles.

"We should be protecting these dumb whores, not putting them on some sex offense list." - Dunlap

Liberal Texas Judge Judge Blocks Rules for Licenses, IDs

District Judge Orlinda L. Naranjo agreed Thursday to suspend new Department of Public Safety driver license rules touted as a crackdown on unauthorized immigrants.

The rules prevent thousands from getting standard-issue licenses even though they’re legally in the country, said the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, which is suing over the policy.

She said the rules, which specify that people who are not U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents must prove they’re legally here before getting a license, go beyond DPS authority.

Who would have thought? A democratic judge appointed by a Republican Governor and she takes the liberal side.

Another great move from Governor Zoolander (Rick Perry).

"This case is not about illegal immigrants obtaining driver licenses, it is about legal residents who have been denied or have been threatened a denial of a driver license." - Judge Orlinda L. Naranjo

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Carpenters - Dancing In The Street (1968, Full video)

Recently an exceptional blogger and a person I am proud to call my friend, Law and Order Teacher, posted a piece about one of his favorite groups; the Carpenters. I knew we had a great deal in common but I never realized just how much until his post.

I have been a fan of the Carpenters for years. They were one of my favorite groups growing up. I guess I was just in love with Karen Carpenter. Never the less, I always liked them and played their 8-track tapes in my first car.

Below is a video that shows their very first television performance, performing the song "Dancing In The Street" on the 'Your All American College Show' in 1968.

If you listen closely , you can hear Richard saying "No, it is not an organ. It's an electric piano"

In addition, check out that drum work by a then 18-year-old Karen.

And if that isn't enough, you get to see the trio (yes, the Dick Carpenter Trio, to be exact) win the top trophy and prize money handed out by none other than Zsa Zsa Gabor, and William Shatner!!

This was the performance that caused John Wayne to think that Karen would be perfect for the female lead in his upcoming film "True Grit." Karen did read for the part but was beaten out by popular Kim Darby for the role.

The quality of this video is poor, but it is worth watching.

"We came out right in the middle of the hard-rock period... it was hard-rock everywhere! But we were ready to make our music, you know? And it was such a turnaround, I guess it caught people by surprise.' - Karen Carpenter

Red State Update: North Korea Better Watch It

Jackie Broyles and Dunlap on North Korea's missile launch, what Obama plans to do about it, and an update on Jackie's wife.

Dunlap: Damn, people with strokes are scary.
Jackie Broyles: Yeah, ya damn right!

Special Dorm for Gays at TCU

Eight students have signed up for Texas Christian University’s designated on-campus housing for gay students and their supporters, in what may be the only such college housing in North Texas.

The DiversCity Q community will open in the fall in a section of the Tom Brown-Pete Wright apartments. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender students and allies — heterosexual classmates who support them — will have the chance to live together, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported.

What in the HELL are they thinking. A special on-campus hosting based on sexual preference? That is CRAZY, especially at a Christian school.

What will come next? A special dorm for those who are into S&M or possible bestiality?

I think they are opening a whole can of worms that will create more problem that they deal with.

What int he HELL is the world coming to?

"More special interest crap, you don't "bring a community together" by separating yourself from the rest. This is college right?" -
xrayguy (a poster on the Houston Chronicle forums)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Red State Update: With a Special Guest

This was posted two weeks ago by Red State Update. Jackie Broyles and Dunlap talk with a special guest.

Jackie Broyles: "I got somewhere I need to be.
Special Guest: Where's that?
Jackie Broyles: Over here.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mike Ramirez Cartoon for April 3, 2009

I have not posted one of Mike Ramirez's cartoons in a while. He has his cartoons published in the New York Post every few days.

I think this is a very good example of what many of us are thinking.

"I was doing political cartoons and getting angry to the point where I felt I was going to have to start making and throwing bombs. I thought I was probably a better cartoonist than a bomb maker." - Terry Gilliam

Red State Update: Cheney Spies On Obama

Jackie Broyles and Dunlap on why it's okay to feel safe in America again. Dick Cheney is still on the job.

"You tell that son-of-a-bitch to fight, fight, fight." - Dunlap acting like Dick Cheney

Monday, April 6, 2009

Obama Claims Islam Has Shaped America

Barack HUSSEIN Obama (aka Little Barry Soetoro, Oprah's Love Child, The Boy Wonder, BO, The BIG Zero) gave a address to the Turkish Parliament today. Below is a passage from the address.

I have a huge problem with one of the passages in his speech. Here is the piece that I have problems with:

"I also want to be clear that America's relationship with the Muslim community, the Muslim world, cannot, and will not, just be based upon opposition
to terrorism. We seek broader engagement based on mutual interest and mutual respect. We will listen carefully, we will bridge misunderstandings, and we will seek common ground. We will be respectful, even when we do not agree. We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world — including in my own country. The United States has been enriched by Muslim Americans. Many other Americans have Muslims in their families or have lived in a Muslim-majority country — I know, because I am one of them."

After I heard about this passage on the radio, as I was coming home this afternoon, I got on the Internet to look for the exact text. I question one sentence more than others.

"We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so
much over the centuries to shape the world — including in my own country."

What has the Islamic faith done to shape the United States? We have been a country for 233 years. I am not sure how long a large number of Muslims have lived in the USA, but it cannot be very many, at least until recently.

I cannot think of one thing the Islamic faith has done to better the USA. If anyone can help me to understand what they have done, I would appreciate it.

Little Barry Soetoro has an agenda when it comes to Muslims and the Islamic faith. I believe now as I have since he burst onto the national scene that he has definite ties to Islam and I think said ties are not a good thing for the United States.

"I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction." - Quote from page 261 of Obama’s book "Audacity of Hope."

Red State Update: Obama Gives iPod To Queen

I missed posting this last week. It concerns Barack HUSSEIN Obama's (aka Little Barry Soetoro, Oprah's Love Child, The Boy Wonder, BO, and The Big ZERO) giving the Queen of England an iPod as a gift.

In my personal opinion, it was TACKY for BO to give Queen Elizabeth an iPod. It even had video of HIS speeches on it. What a mook he is!

"Oh, Good Lord Almighty! What the hell does it matter what Obama gives the Damn Queen. Good Lord. He could have given her a sack of dogshit for all I care." - Jackie Broyles

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Red State Update: Madonna Wants That African Baby Really Bad

Jackie Broyles and Dunlap on Madonna's latest attempt to snag herself a new African baby. It was posted on April 4, 2009.

"Everytime you turn around there is a 50-year-old naked woman or genocide." - Jackie Broyles

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chia Obama

In honoring our 44th US President, the Chia Pet company presents this Special Edition Chia Obama.


I am going to have to get me one of these. I will put it in my classroom right next to my Chia Homer Simpson.

Click right
here to see it.

"CH, CH, CH, CH, CHIA. CH, CH, CH, CHIA PET." - Chia Pet commercial song

Obama Is Being Played For The FOOL!!!!

As Barack HUSSEIN Obama (aka Little Barry Soetoro, Oprah's Love Child, The Boy Wonder, BO, The Big "ZERO") is hopscotching over Europe, attempting to con foreign leaders into believing HIS message of HOPE and CHANGE.

In reality, the leaders of these countries are laughing behind BO's back. They know they have his number and he is not to be taken seriously. Little Barry Soetoro is the laughing stock of the world (but certainly NOT to his face).

He is being played like a naive little boy in the schoolyard. Remember the old adage: "Keep you friends close and your enemies closer." Don Corleone knew how the world was (and is).

"You can act like a man! What's the matter with you?" - Don Corleone to Johnny Fontane in "The Godfather"

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Boy Wonder (BHO) Cannot Think on His Feet!!!!

I found the following piece on It discussed the total incompetence of Barack HUSSEIN Obama (aka Little Barry Soetoro, The Boy Wonder, Oprah's Love Child, BO) when the BBC's political editor Nick Robinson asked him a question about who was to blame for the financial crisis.

The Boy Wonder, who is nearly word perfect when reporters are asking him set-up questions and he has the use of his teleprompter. John Crace, who wrote the article, decodes what Oprah's Love Child was really thinking ...

Nick Robinson: "A question for you both, if I may. The prime minister has repeatedly blamed the United States of America for causing this crisis. France and Germany both blame Britain and America for causing this crisis. Who is right? And isn't the debate about that at the heart of the debate about what to do now?"

Brown immediately swivels to leave Obama in pole position. There is a four-second delay before Obama starts speaking [THANKS FOR NOTHING, GORDY BABY. REMIND ME TO HANG YOU OUT TO DRY ONE DAY.]

Barack Obama: "I, I, would say that, er ... pause [I HAVEN'T A CLUE] ... if you look at ... pause [WHO IS THIS NICK ROBINSON JERK?] ... the, the sources of this crisis ... pause [JUST KEEP GOING, BUDDY] ... the United States certainly has some accounting to do with respect to . . . pause [I'M IN WAY TOO DEEP HERE] ... a regulatory system that was inadequate to the massive changes that have taken place in the global financial system ... pause, close eyes [THIS IS GOING TO GO DOWN LIKE A CROCK OF SHIT BACK HOME. HELP]. I think what is also true is that ... pause [I WANT NICK ROBINSON TO DISAPPEAR] ... here in Great Britain ... pause [SHIT, GORDY'S THE HOST, DON'T LAND HIM IN IT] ... here in continental Europe ... pause [DAMN IT, BLAME EVERYONE.] ... around the world. We were seeing the same mismatch between the regulatory regimes that were in place and er ... pause [I'VE LOST MY TRAIN OF THOUGHT AGAIN] ... the highly integrated, er, global capital markets that have emerged ... pause [I'M REALLY WINGING IT NOW]. So at this point, I'm less interested in ... pause [YOU] ... identifying blame than fixing the problem. I think we've taken some very aggressive steps in the United States to do so, not just responding to the immediate crisis, ensuring banks are adequately capitalised, er, dealing with the enormous, er ... pause [WHY DIDN'T I QUIT WHILE I WAS AHEAD?] ... drop-off in demand and contraction that has taken place. More importantly, for the long term, making sure that we've got a set of, er, er, regulations that are up to the task, er, and that includes, er, a number that will be discussed at this summit. I think there's a lot of convergence between all the parties involved about the need, for example, to focus not on the legal form that a particular financial product takes or the institution it emerges from, but rather what's the risk involved, what's the function of this product and how do we regulate that adequately, much more effective coordination, er, between countries so we can, er, anticipate the risks that are involved there. Dealing with the, er, problem of derivatives markets, making sure we have set up systems, er, that can reduce some of the risks there. So, I actually think ... pause [FANTASTIC. I'VE LOST EVERYONE, INCLUDING MYSELF] ... there's enormous consensus that has emerged in terms of what we need to do now and, er ... pause [I'M OUTTA HERE. TIME FOR THE USUAL CLOSING BOLLOCKS] ... I'm a great believer in looking forwards than looking backwards.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sean Delonas Cartoon: March 31, 2009

This is the lastest Sean Delonas cartoon from the New York Post. I LOVE Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale in the lower right side.

Natasha: Boris, how are we going to steal car from moose and squirrel?
Boris: Easy, we are going into the used car business.
Natasha: On purpose?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another OBAMA Gaff: iPod for Queen of England

Barack HUSSEIN Obama (aka Little Barry Soetoro, Oprah's Love Child, The Boy Wonder, BO), met Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace today and gave her a gift of an iPod loaded with video footage and photographs of her 2007 United States visit to Richmond, Jamestown and Williamsburg in Virginia.

In return, the Queen gave the President a silver framed signed photograph of herself and the Duke of Edinburgh - apparently a standard present for visiting dignitaries.

Can you believe you that? The POTUS giving the Queen of England an iPod.

WHAT WAS HE THINKING? Actually, it has come out that Little Barry Soetoro gave the duty of picking out the gift to his wife Michelle ROBINSON Obama (aka Cheapskate, No Thought Give Giver).

But what do you expect out of a couple of people who have never had a REAl job and view themselves as elites.

"Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error" - Marcus Tullius Cicero