Saturday, January 31, 2009

Censorship at the Houston Chronicle

This evening, I was reading a story on the Houston Chronicle website entitled "Race for Houston mayor starts early."

In the comments section a post as made
StaciePVU wrote: "I'm vting(sic) for whoever wins the Democratic nomination. Any Democrat is better than a Republican."

I posted my comment as follows:

"I will be voting for anyone who will not be a lackey of Barack HUSSEIN Obama (aka Little Barry Soetoro, The Boy Wonder, Oprah's Love Child and BO), will order HPD to arrest on sight any criminal alien, instruct HPD to shoot any criminals fleeing from the scene of a crime, and will force Drayton McLain to hire some quality baseball players."

PS: Drayton McLain is the owner of the Houston Astros.

My post was up for about 5 minutes and I had receive one "thumbs up" and five "thumbs down." I switched over to another article to read a post and came back in about one minute to see how the comment was being received and rated.

To my amazement, the comment had been deleted and all references to it purged from the website.

I half expected to have this comment removed, but not so quickly. I have been removed from their board previously under various other user names. I will have to be very careful not to offend any of the censors at the Chronicle.

I understand that this is THEIR site and they can delete any material that they choose, but that is censorship, pure and simple. I guess the forecast is correct that supporters of Barack HUSSEIN Obama (aka Little Barry Soetoro, The Boy Wonder, Oprah's Love Child and BO) will go to any length to protect him, including the mainstream media

I remember when Houston had two newspapers. I faithfully read the
Houston Post for years before it shut down publication on April 18, 1995. Since then we have had to deal with the "Houston Barnicle" for printed news out of Houston.

I post on the Houston Chronicle boards as "texasquestion."

"Censorship in any form is the enemy of creativity, since it cuts off the life blood of creativity: ideas." - Allan Jenkins

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