Sunday, January 25, 2009

High Life Common Sense Party

This guy speaks a great deal of "common sense." I just love these commercials. Perhaps Barack HUSSEIN Obama (aka Little Barry soetoro and The Boy Wonder) should take some advise from this guy.

The High Life Common Sense Party strives to deliver common sense from coast to coast. The Common Sense Party stands for authentic, unpretentious values. On behalf of the party, I promise hard-working men and women the right to pursue the High Life.

I promise I won't rest until I've helped spread Common Sense from sea to shining sea. Americans work too hard to spend money on overpriced things when there are good, honest products at tasty prices out there, like Miller High Life.

"I got a common sense platform for the environment. If you are driving a Humvee, your butt better be headed into battle." - Miller High Life Guy

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