Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ghetto Style Basketball At Its Best: Courtesy of the Houston Cougars & Aubrey Coleman

I just found this clip today while surfing for post and was sickened at what I witnessed. Yesterday in the match-up between the Houston Cougars and the Arizona Wildcats, my stomach literally churned when I saw this below video clip.

In the second half of a game that Houston was dominating, the Cougars' Aubrey Coleman was called for a charge after shoving Arizona's Chase Budinger to the floor while dribbling past the half-court line.

After the whistle, Coleman continued to walk forward and proceeded to intentionally stomp directly on the face of Budinger. It wasn't an accident; the video clearly shows Coleman walking straight over to Budinger and using force to plant his red and white Nike right into Budinger's craw.

As if that wasn't enough, Coleman then strolled away with a grin the Cheshire Cat would be envious of and received several accolades and high-fives from his teammates. Apparently, in Houston, you are to be congratulated for intentionally leaving an imprint of your shoe size on an opponent's face. Very classy, Cougars.
This incident is perhaps the most unsportsmanlike conduct I have ever witnessed on the court of a college basketball game.

Though Coleman was ejected for the "flagrant foul," that punishment is not nearly enough. He deserves a minimum ten-game suspension, but my recommendation is that his season ends today. The NCAA must send a clear, strong signal that this type of behavior will not be tolerated and will be met with the harshest of sanctions.
Houston's coach Tom Penders surely would take the time to apologize after the game, right? Not a chance.

Houston has a real punk-ass on their hands with Coleman. Trying to spin it any other way is ridiculous.

There are plenty of replays of this incident on the web, and if you study them you will see:

1. Coleman glances down to get his bearings.

2. Coleman didn't have to move at all, but he knew Budinger was laying there (he'd just knocked him down).

3. Coleman could have gone around Budinger.

4. Coleman takes 2 steps and the 2nd step is a little shorter in stride just so he can land on his target - Budinger's face.

5. Coleman had plenty of room to step completely over Budinger but does not.

Then after all is said and done:

1. Coleman doesn't look to see if Budinger hurt the guy.

2. Coleman does not apologize to Budinger.

3. Coleman is seen laughing and high-fiving with his buddies.

This guy went to Gulf Shores Academy in Houston. That is the same school where Gerald Green (Boston Celtics) attended. It was a charter school which was nothing more than a "institute" for hard core discipline cases to get their high school diploma while basically playing semi pro-basketball and occasionally going to a meetings they called "classes". The school has since shut down and has been investigated by the State Board of Education for fraudulent practices.

He spend time at Southwest Mississippi College. I would guess he went the junior college route because his grades (and possibly behavior) was not something an NCAA Division 1 school wanted to mess with.

"I'm just sorry the official interpreted it that way. The way I saw it, Aubrey got tangled and his momentum carried him forward and I think it was a mistake." - Tom Penders - University of Houston Head Mens Basketball Coach


TRUTH 101 said...

Well, at least you didn't blame what this joker did on President Obama.

Texas Truth said...

TRUTH 101: Perhaps I should have. It is the same tactic that the liberal, democratic, whackos used on Bush for eight years. Those people have no morals or scruples.