Thursday, July 24, 2008

"The Magnificent Seven" Movie (Circa 1960)

I have always loved this movie. Seven great men against the evil that wished to enslave innocent people

How we could use men like this now. They were some of the best BAD ASSES of my movie youth.

Can you name all seven? Here goes:

Yul Brynner: Chris Adams
Steve McQueen: Vin
Charles Bronson: Bernardo O'Reilly
Robert Vaughn: Lee
Brad Dexter: Harry Luck
James Coburn: Britt
Horst Buchholz: Chico

Even Eli Wallach played a great bad guy as Calvera.

Enjoy the clip.

"Nobody throws me my gun and says run... Nobody" - James Coburn as Britt in the movie "The Magnificent Seven"

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