Thursday, July 24, 2008

More On The Moceanu-Karolyi Controversy

More has come out concerning the statements made by Olympic Champion Donimique Moceanu and her relationship with Bela and Marta Karolyi, in addition to the abuses they inflicted on Moceanu (and possibly other gymnasts).

The following comments from Moceanu were reported in story by Diane Pucin in the
LA Times.

"I never, ever objected to hard work. What I objected to was Martha grabbing me by the neck, shoving my face into the phone and telling me to call my parents when I hurt my neck in practice. I objected to being told to jump onto a scale in front of the 1995 world championship team, of being forced to do 16 uneven bars routines in a row by Martha. I was completely embarrassed by Bela in front of the 2000 national training team at camp. He completely belittled me and my weight, singled me out and made me feel very small. It was unfair treatment. Martha's logic is so false but no one would listen to a 14-year-old. I was never allowed to speak out."

This is further testimony of how far the Karolyis will go to produce their desired results, in order to benefit themselves.

In another article in the
LA Times, a comment was posted by a Dr. Gary Stanner. he is the owner and coach of the Eastern Oregon Gymnastics Academy in Pendonton, Oregon.

"Arm Chair Quarterbacks"? Hummm, I have Coached at some of the better clubs in the USA. (Not Karolyi's) but, NAAG with Dick Mulvihill, Los Altos Twisters with Kim Kludt. They have produced more Elite Gymnasts from scratch than Karolyi's has ever done. His record plainly shows that their sucess is far more from recruitment, than from development. Case in point is Mary Lou Renton. Already a national team member from Fairfax, VA. Rumor then was he called her up at home and she transfered to his program straight away. One can only guess at what she was told or offered. As for Nadia! She was so talented that almost anyone could have turned her into the champion that she was. She has earned every medal she has ever won. I am not claiming that she did not work hard to become the gymnasts that she has become. I am also not making any sort of personal attack on anyone, but this format enables us to make our opinions felt. I am not a disciple of the Karolyi Mystique, but I also have to admit that I was in awe of him the several times we have personally met at national and regional clinics. The point is: Is there a chance the American Gymnastics program would improve with out the Karolyi's? I think so. But if some of us that are still in the trenches coaching day in and day out think so, then it maybe it should happen. After all if we are wrong, we can always bring them back. No one is using a wooden stake or silver cross to get them to leave. One last thought. Would the gary writing here still be a active coach? And what level gymnasts has he produced? His only reference was that HE coached with the Karolyi's in the 80s" Just a thought..."

Dr. Stanner's comments support my distrust of the Karolyis. I have heard by many people how the Karolyis recruit "their" gymnasts and never actually train anyone from start to finish. I cannot go into how I came about this knowledge and my involvement or association with gymnastics, but rest assure many coaches feel they same way about the Karloyis. This is not anything they say in public. It is more whispers and discussions behind closed doors, due to the inevitable backlash I described in a previous post.

I think many parents would be outraged if a coach grabbed their daughter (or son) as Moceanu describes.

I repeat my statement from the earlier post: The Karolyis need to be removed from gymnastics. Texas Truth wants to lead the call to support Moceanu and her statements, in addition to calling for the removal of the Karolyis from any involvement in USA Gymnastics.

"I was forced out of the sport into retirement through injuries. I wasn't ready to leave." - Dominique Moceanu

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They trained Kim zmeskal, Hillary Grivich from "scratch"