Monday, July 28, 2008

Turkistan Islamic Party Threaten Olympics

With less than two weeks to go before the Olympics open in Beijing, the Chinese government is facing the horrendous possibility of terrorist attacks aimed at the Games. On July 23 an apparent terrorist group called the Turkestan Islamic Party released a video taking responsibility for bus bomb blasts a few days before in the southwestern city of Kunming that killed two people. The group also claimed as its own another attack in Shanghai that killed three people in May.

According to global intelligence analysts Stratfor, the Turkestan Islamic Party is another name used by the Islamic Party of East Turkestan (ETIM), an ethnic Uighur and Muslim separatist group seeking to create an independent state out of China’s westernmost, heavily Muslim Xinjiang province. This group has been designated by both the United States and China as a terrorist group.

Something is going to happen at the Olympics. Mark my words. The Olympics are too big a stage not to attempt something. Terrorists bent on destruction will find a way to disrupt the Games.

Do not construe my statement to be a voice of support for the terrorists. I just think some whacko or group of whackos will try something. With their mindset, this may be too big an opportunity not to pass up. If they do, it will have been months, perhaps years in the planning.

We, meaning the decent law abiding people of the world, need to be ready with a response if a terrorist act occurs.

I hope and pray nothing happens, but deep in my bones, I think something will.

This below video is in Arabic (I think). I will look for a translation and post it later. Look at the pictures and listen to the sound and draw your own conclusions. This is CRAZY!!!

"When you give religiously inspired zealots weapons of mass destruction and you promise them that if they kill innocent people they will go to heaven, imagine what the consequences are." - Alan M. Dershowitz

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