Friday, July 11, 2008

"Saving Private Ryan" Omaha Beach Landing: Part 1

This is the most realistic battle scene in any war movie! It is powerful, horrific and disturbing. I cannot believe my father and his generation when through this.

It made me appreciate their sacrefices even more.

I will post part two tomorrow.

" I'm a schoolteacher. I teach English composition... in this little town called Adley, Pennsylvania. The last eleven years, I've been at Thomas Alva Edison High School. I was a coach of the baseball team in the springtime. Back home, I tell people what I do for a living and they think well, now that figures. But over here, it's a big, a big mystery. So, I guess I've changed some. Sometimes I wonder if I've changed so much my wife is even going to recognize me, whenever it is that I get back to her. And how I'll ever be able to tell her about days like today. Ah, Ryan. I don't know anything about Ryan. I don't care. The man means nothing to me. It's just a name. But if... You know if going to Rumelle and finding him so that he can go home. If that earns me the right to get back to my wife, then that's my mission." Captain John H. Miller as played by Tom Hanks in the movie "Saving Private Ryan"


Anonymous said...

Absolutely realistic. I remember covering my eyes in the theater because I couldn't watch any more.

I can't imagine actually having to be there.

Texas Truth said...

nunoftheabove: My father NEVER talked about the battles, killing, etc. from his war years. I now know why. My uncle was part of the D Day invasion and he NEVER talked about it either.

I cannot imagine going through that HELL!!!

I am thankful they did. We would not have what we have today if they had not. I did not watch this movie for a long time b/c I heard how graphic it was. I still have trouble wathcing it now.