Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sam Elliott and Nicholas Cage in "Ghost Rider"

I was surfing the web this cloudy and raining Thursday morning and came across two of My Lovely Bride's favorite actors in a movie clip together. They are Sam Elliott and Nicholas Cage in "Ghost Rider." She told me a few things about how she views them.

"They are not handsome by the 20-something's standards of the world and their glitzy Hollywood view of men. They have a restrained wild quality. It is the "manly man quality". They are not the "handsome" men that would attract one's attention.

It is their deeds that I find appealing. They are the men that will stand up and fight for what is right. They are the men who will fight against evil. They are the men who will fight to the death for their country. They are the men who will fight for love.

They just both happen to be actors. They are playing a role on the screen. However, men like them are all over the country. They can be anywhere. Cage and Elliott are playing these roles as comfortably as their would behave in everyday life. I do not know who they are or how they behave in their person lives, but I feel they are probably the same type of men on the screen as they are off the screen.

In my mother's day, they would have been John Wayne and Paul Newman. They are the men that make women swoon. They are the men that women want in their lives.

A man would not understand how women feel about men like them. Men view
these men in a different light. They are who men wish they were. To women, they are how we view the men we love."

"My Lovely Bride" is right. I love to watch their movies. They are the ones who were the heroes of our youth. That is why we can watch their movies over and over again. They are the men we wanted to be. They are the men we hope we are to our wives. They are the men that built this country.

Below is a clip from the movie. We both think it is the best of the film. (PS: Play close attention at 1:15. They roast a Gila Monster. HOW COOL WAS THAT)

Sam Elliott played Caretaker and Nicholas Cage played Johnny Blaze. My quote for this post is from the movie "Ghost Rider."

Caretaker: We'd better get going.
[walks on]
Johnny Blaze: [following the Caretaker] We?
[Caretaker whistles and a phantom horse appears. He mounts it]
Johnny Blaze: [grins knowingly] Carter Slade
[Slade tips his hat]
Johnny Blaze: Can you keep up?
[Slade transforms into a Ghost Rider]
Johnny Blaze: Let's ride!
[leaps onto his bike, turning into the Ghost Rider.]


Anonymous said...

That was a cool movie and I am not much of a "sci-fi" buff. But your dear wife does have great taste in actors, Cage and Elliott are two of my favorites as well.

Texas Truth said...

nunoftheabove: "My Lovely Bride" thank you. And I thank you. And our dog thanks you for you kind comments.