Saturday, January 12, 2008

Arrest Warrant Issued in Maria Lauterback Murder

An arrest warrant has been issued for Marine Corporal Cesar Armando Laurean in the death of Lance Corporal Maria Lauterbach. Laurean is charged with first-degree murder. Authorities have positively identified the remains found in a shallow pit in Laurean’s back yard as Lauterbach’s.

They need to catch this animal FAST and punish him severely. I wonder how many other skeletons this guy has in his closet. I do not believe this was an "act of passion." His wife may also be involved.

What a piece of trash. He is hiding out like the chicken little puck he is. If he was such a man, why is he hiding?

For months after a pregnant 20-year-old Marine accused a colleague of rape, her family says, she continued to work alongside her attacker and endured harassment at Camp Lejeune.

As authorities recovered Maria Lauterbach's remains Saturday from a fire pit where they suspect Laurean burned and buried her body, her family asked why authorities didn't treat her case with greater urgency.

My question is why her superiors allowed her to remain in such a hostile environment? It seems to me the Marines should have removed her from to a more secure environment and possibly arrested Laurean a bit sooner.

A great number of people need to answer questions on the tragic death of this young woman.

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