Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bono meets Pentagon chief to discuss poverty

It has been reported by Reuters that U2 lead singer Bono visited the Pentagon today to discuss Africa and the fight against global poverty with U.S. Defence Secretary Robert Gates.

My question is WHY?

This guy is a singer...a performer...a celebrity. What does he know about global poverty and Africa?

I cannot ever understand why celebrities think they are experts in areas in which they have no education and training.

If he is so worried about global poverty, why is he not spend his own money to help the problem.

This is ridiculous.

Bono: You need to stick to singing . I guess I will have to add him to my "Dancing Monkey Syndrome" List.


Esaba[CZ] said...

Why, that's an easy answer, for the media. In our current culture of "people magazine" he carries to much weight. Also, Bono doesn't have to worry about the same things the rest of us do, paying the bills on-time, feeding the kids, etc. I'm not saying that he is completely insincere with his fight,however, he should match money raised with money out of his pocket. The only "for sure" thing that sending money overseas will do is increase our debt as a country. The last time I check we cannot afford our own programs much less attempt to solve the worlds problems.

Esaba[CZ] said...

I enjoyed reading your blog, feel free to visit mine.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Texas Truth said...

Esaba[CZ]: The problem I have with the celebrity factor is they say they are concerned with words, but never follow up with action. They talk and talk and talk but never take action. I have always said that celebrities should put up matching funds. After all, if they support a program with words, they should back it up with their own money.

Thanks for reading. I will check out your blogs and add it to my blog roll. Please feel free to do the same, if you choose.