Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Views from the Front of My Computer Screen

I sit in my chair, looking at the computer screen and wonder what to post today. I cannot find anything in the news that catches my eye. Yes, there was a primary yesterday. Hillary Clinton and John McCain won. The "powers that be" say they had upsets. I really do not know. The polls had Barach Obama and Mitt Romney winning, but when you think about it, how did "they' know?

The current election has been the most "vocal" event I can remember. I first voted in the 1972 Presidential Election. I stood in line for three hours to cast my vote. I recall it as if is yesterday. I voted for Richard Nixon. Yes, I admit it. I voted for Nixon. Even as a first time voter in 1971, I was already a conservative, even though I was not as conservative as I am now. I guess you could have called me a moderate.

This comes from a person who was raised in a Democratic home. My mother switched party affiliation when I was in high school to support the Republicans. My father, however, remained a Democrat until the day he died.

I never could understand why he was a Democrat. He was very conservative in his views, even going so far as not to allow my brother and me to have long hair. I guess it was his upbringing. His parents were Democrats; his grandparents were Democrats, so he was a Democrat.
Bill O'Reilly stated on his radio shows yesterday that he was a registered independent. I guess I could be called an independent, but I do not see any of the ideals of the Democrats that I support.

Would I vote for a Democrat if he/she were the best choice. My answer is yes, I would. I just do not see any views of the democrats that I support.

The Republicans however need to get on the ball and start to build a strong base for the election. I do not see any one of the candidates who has all the same views as I. Nonetheless, I still hope for one of them to jump out there and gain the support they need to defeat the Democrats. If this does not happen, I see Obama or Clinton moving into the White House and our country heading into one of the worse periods we have ever endured. God help us if that happens.

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