Friday, January 4, 2008

Results of the Iowa Caucuses

Texas Truth followed the results of the Iowa Caucuses last night. I know it was only one state and it was Iowa, but it was fun to watch how the various candidates reacted to the incoming results.

Here are the official results obtained from

1. Huckabee 34.29%
2. Romney 25.32%
3. Thompson 13.37%
4. McCain 13.13%
5. Paul 9.99%
6. Giuliani 3.46%
7. Hunter 0.44%

8. Cox 0.00%

1. Obama 37.54%
2. Edwards 29.71%
3. Clinton 29.43%
4. Richardson 2.12%
5. Biden 0.92% (withdrew from race on Janaury 4, 2008, right after the caucus)
6. Dodd 0.04% (withdrew from the race late on Janaury 4, 2008)
7. Kucinich 0.00%
8. Gravel 0.00%

The Democratic caucuses attracted an estimated 220,000 voters; the Republicans, nearly 115,000.

I did correctly predict the Obama victory, but figured Romney would have a better showing. Giuliani campaigned very little in Iowa after his brief illness, so I was not surprised at his placing. Fred Thompson's finish was eye-opening, as I did not fell he would finish that high.

Hillary Clinton's showing is surprising. Garnering 29.43% of the voters means that 70.57% of Iowa democrats rejected her bid for the White House. Is this a preview of the future? Only time will tell.

Texas Truth is yet to pick a candidate to support. Time will also help with that decision.

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