Friday, January 11, 2008

The LYING of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton told another lie yesterday. Well, it might not have been a lie, but it was defiantly an untruth.

While campaigning for support in Las Vegas, she was at a rally in a Mexican restaurant, a man stood up and hollered "My wife is illegal." She responded, "No woman is illegal."

My question is "If she is in the United States illegally, why is she not illegal?" I guess the meaning of the "illegal" must be explored, juts list the meaning of the word "is" was with her husband.

This untruth must be added to the long list of Hillary lies, fibs, and prevarications listed below.

  1. Her claim to be named after Edmund Hillary, the first man to climb to the summit of Mt. Everest. "So when I was born, she called me Hillary, and she (my mother) always told me it's because of Sir Edmund Hillary."
  2. Hillary is at a race-relations conference in Boston with some teenagers, and she claims that she was on the soccer team, and a player from the opposing team told her that she hated her kind, and Hillary said- 'you don't even know me,' to which the girl replied- 'I don't have to know you to know I hate you.' An attempt to try to make the kids believe she knew exactly where they were coming from, and from personal experience at that! Too bad this is almost surely a lie, since there were no girl's soccer teams at her high school in the 1960's when this supposed event took place.
  3. Hillary claimed that her daughter Chelsea was in danger on September 11, claiming that her daughter went for a jog down to the towers themselves, and when the planes hit, she saw the buildings right there and was nearly in peril. Too bad again, since Chelsea totally debunked her mother's phony story in a magazine article. She was really on the other side of the city, and was woken up with a phone call telling her to watch the news- and she never got anywhere near the towers, instead she was staring shocked at the TV screen most of the day.

I will post more on this subject as it becomes available.

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