Friday, January 11, 2008

OJ Simpson's Bail Revoked


Various news sources are reporting that OJ Simpson's bail as been revoked and he is being transported back to Las Vegas.

A judge revoked Simpson's bail and he is apparently headed back to a Las Vegas jail, according to news reports. Simpson was arrested in September on robbery charges. He is flying from Miami to Las Vegas with a bail bondsman. Simpson reportedly had to surrender his passport.

District Court Judge Jackie Glass stated that the district attorney believes Simpson is in violation of his bond, and he will be required to appear in court Wednesday morning.

He was flying today from Miami to Los Angeles and was expected to arrive in the early evening, according to Fox News.

He was reportedly taken in custody by Miguel Pereira, a bail bondsman of You Ring We Spring Bail Bonds

One has to love the name of the bonding company: "You Ring We Spring Bail Bonds."

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