Sunday, January 20, 2008

McCain, Romney Win; Clinton, Obama Split Spoils

Nevada held its caucuses on Saturday (yesterday) with Hillary Clinton winning on the Democratic side, while Mitt Romney took the Republican caucus. Here are the percentages:

Nevada Republican Caucus
Mitt Romney: 51 percent
Ron Paul: 14 percent
John McCain: 13 percent
Mike Huckabee: 8 percent
Fred Thompson: 8 percent
Rudy Giuliani: 4 percent
Duncan Hunter: 2 percent.

Nevada Democratic Caucus
Hillary Clinton: 51 percent
Barack Obama: 5 percent
John Edwards: 4 percent
Uncommitted: 0 percent
Dennis Kucinich: 0 percent

John McCain won the South Carolina Republican Primary. Here are the overall results:

John McCain: 33 percent
Mike Huckabee: 30 percent
Fred Thompson: 16 percent
Mitt Romney: 15 percent
Ron Paul: 4 percent
Rudy Giuliani: 2 percent
Duncan Hunter: 0 percent

The total delagate count to date for the Republicans is as follows:

Mitt Romney: 59
Mike Huckabee: 38
John McCain: 32
Fred Thompson: 5
Ron Paul: 4
Rudy Giuliani: 1

1191 delagates are required to gain the Republican nomination.

The total delagate count to date for the Democrats is as follows:

Hillary Clinton: 203
Barack Obama: 148
John Edwards: 50

2026 delagates are required to gain the Democratic nomination.

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