Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mexican Kidnapping Scam Finds Its Way To Houston

The Houston Chronicle has posted a story about fake kidnapping that occurs quite frequently in Mexico has found its way to Houston.

Kidnapping scams, such as people staging their own abductions, are common in Mexico and authorities say they now appear to be popping up in Houston.

Such kidnapping are so common in Mexico that there is a term for them, autosecuestro, which basically translates as "self-kidnapping."

These people, illegal or otherwise, don't want to become Americans. They don't want to obey our laws, learn English or salute and defend our flag like the immigrants did from Europe. All they want to do is "Bleed" the American taxpayer and the American economy and infrastructure and send OUR dollars back into Mexico.

In addition, they want to bring their low life culture to our country and prey on their own. People who do this to their own families are lower than scum (whatever that is).

This is what happens when you invite 10-20 million illegals into your country. The culture of their corrupt country follows them wherever they go.

It does not matter if any of the people who perpetrate these crimes are legally the the United States or not. The fact is the country has enough home grown human trash. We do not need to import more


enjoli said...

Couldn't agree with you more. However, until the Government actually gets serious about combating illegal immigrants the problems and issues will never get solved. It's possible, I believe, to end illegal immigration quickly and efficiently. We don't even have to wait for fences to be built. We have to make the employment of illegals uneconomic. If congress passed a law that would allow any illegal immigrant to sue their employer(s) for not paying them market wages. Once the case was won, all wages would be retro active, they would take their pay checks and leave. We could also stack on top of that a heavy fine or simply revoke the employers business license. This would allow for the economics that fuel illegal employment to evaporate overnight.

On a side note, I'm really sick and tired about people whining about how evil the USA is for ENFORCING our immigration laws. There is no other civilized country that would allow or put up with this type of immigration. Hell, its takes an act of GOD just for an American, if they wanted to, to move to and work in Europe. And for the few that are actually able to get in, citizenship will never happened. UK, France, Germany,Italy are not ignorant enough to just left to let the flood gates of immigration and ruin their job market. Hell, the easiest way I know of to become a citizen of the EU (France specifically) would be to serve in the French Foreign Legion for five years (if you survive).
..just my .02

Texas Truth said...

enjoli: We should do whatever it take to stop this madness. If the money and freebees dry up, they will leave. If they don’t like that, they can leave. Either way, we win. If you and I can figure it out, why can’t the powers that be.

We need to enforce that existing laws. PERIOD! NO EXCEPTIONS! If we did, the problem would fix itself.

Thanks for posting. Let me know of you also have a blog. I would like to read it and add you to my blog list.

Anonymous said...

Check this article out where it talks about farm subsidies. Talk about bleeding Uncle Sam!

The whole article is interesting but I found this part the most interesting:

"Almost three-quarters of these subsidies go to 20,000 multi-millionaire play farmers and blue chip corporations. Farm subsidies are supposed to help the farm belt. But there’s a map of where the farm subsidies go that you can find on the Internet. And judging from the beneficiaries, the farm belt runs from Park Avenue down Wall Street, out to the Hamptons, and then by yacht over to Martha’s Vineyard, which they really ought to rename Martha’s Barnyard. Among the farmers piling up the dollar bills under the mattress are Ted Turner, Sam Donaldson, the oil company Chevron, and that dirt-poor, hardscrabble sharecropper David Rockefeller. But what you may not know is that also among their number is Edgar Bronfman, Sr., who isn’t just any old billionaire, he’s the patriarch of Montreal’s wealthiest family, owner of Seagram’s Whiskey, which subsequently bought Universal Pictures. So the U.S. taxpayer, in his boundless generosity, is subsidizing the small family farms of Canadian billionaires."

I know this comment changes the subject slightly but we are still being taken to the cleaners.

Texas Truth said...

anonymous: Thanks. I will check it out.