Saturday, January 5, 2008

Cheating Mother "Explains" Essay for Hannah Montana Tickets

Various news services have reported that Priscilla Ceballos has "apologized" for a "bad decision" in trying to win Hannah Montana concerts for her daughter.

She said she hadn't intended to mislead the contest sponsor but got caught up in helping her daughter "realize her dream of seeing Hannah Montana."

My response: YEAH...RIGHT!!!

Cebellos read a statement on NBC's "Today" show Friday morning, stating, "Please accept my heartfelt apology and please do not punish my child for my mistake." Ceballos apologized specifically to the military and military families for falsely claiming the girl's father died in a roadside bombing in Iraq.

"I just wanted to help my daughter write a compelling story,"
she said. "There is no more compelling story than the struggle and sacrifices of our military and their families. I meant no disrespect. I just made a bad decision which I sincerely regret."

This sounds like famous line of Rhett Butler to Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind - "You're like the thief that isn't sorry he stole, but is very, very sorry that he got caught."

This woman is trying to cover her tracks and do spin control. It is obviously on the advise of her lawyer. She was attempting to steal something by using false statements to get it.

She is only sorry that she got caught. If she had not got caught, does anyone think she would have come to the realization she had done anything wrong? I THINK NOT!

Some comments on my previous posts on this topic state that we should not criticize the child as it was the mote hr that instigated the act.

I agree 100 percent. The child is not at fault. Children do what they are told and taught. I know the mother set this up and used her daughter as a tool in this fraud.

The daughter deserved a better mother than this. Some say this has been blown way out of proportion. I say it has not. What she did was reprehensible. She deserved to be charge with fraud and at the very least deserves some sort of penalty for her fraudulent actions.

Her appearance on television was not an apology. It was an explanation in an attempt to do spin control. She is not sorry. She is afraid she may get charged with a crime, possibly convicted, and at the very least, get the crap beat out of her.

I guess that smirk on her face is being wiped off by public indignation and scorn.


Anonymous said...

I didn't see the NBC farce, but Fox was teasing that Ms. Cebellos was going to be on their show the same day. I screamed "NO" so loud that they must have heard me because she never appeared.

Anyone who gives this narcissistic excuse for an egg donor any airtime should be ashamed of themselves. CPS should be looking very closely into a parent who uses their child's misfortune for exploitation of their own ego.

You are also right that this woman is the poster child for the relativism that has infected this country. Parents are teaching their children the new golden rule, "Its only wrong if you get caught!!!"

Texas Truth said...
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Texas Truth said...

nunoftheabove: I hope CPS does check into this woman. Before she took down her MySpace site, I was able to view it. It looked like "Gang Banger Central." Great lifestyle to raise a family in.