Monday, January 7, 2008

Clemens Holds Press Conference; Plays Tape

Roger Clemens held a press conference in Houston concerning his alleged use of performance enhancing drugs today (Monday).

I was listening to it on the radio and saw a piece of it on television. Clemens who had his lawyer Rusty Hardin with him, seemed very upset and was hostile to the press.

In addition, I have listened to the taped conversation between him (Clemens) and his former trainer Brian McNamee that was made on Friday. McNamee never admitted he was lying and Clemens never admitted he didn't use the drugs. Clemens did say he didn't do it (whatever that means).

McNamee asked Clemens repeatedly "What do you want me to do?" Clemens continually said he wanted someone to come out and tell the truth.

At the end of the tape, Clemens said he would visit with some people and get back with McNamee as to what he could do.

During the press conference, he stated he could not give a rats ass about numbers and records and the Hall of Fame. I can understand his being upset, but I think he is protesting too much.

Finally, Clemens filed a defamation suit against McNamee after the taped phone call. I will keep up on this and post more thoughts later.

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