Friday, January 11, 2008

More on OJ Simpson's Bail Revocation

More facts have emerged concerning the bail revocation of OJ Simpson. It appears he had contact with co-defendant Clarence "C.J." Stewart who, along with Simpson, is charged with armed robbery. He left a message with a bail bondsman to give to Stewart. The conversation is below:

Hey, Miguel, it's me. I just want, want C.J. to know that the whole thing
all the time he was telling me that shit, you know, I hope he was telling me
the truth. Don't be trying to change the mother fucking shit now, mother
fucking asshole. I'm tired of this shit. Fed up with mother fuckers
changing what they told me. All right."
Simpson has to be the biggest fool on the planet. Did he think this conversation would not come out? I guess he feels that he is above question and whatever he does is a misunderstanding or someone else's fault.

He already got away with two murders and now things he can run roughshod over anyone he chooses. I do not know how innocent this conversation was, but it does sound to me like he was trying in intimidate Stewart.
I hope they throw his sorry butt in jail until the trial, and after that find him guilty. Then he can rot in jail like the criminal he is.

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