Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Past Choices of Energy Exploration of the Republicans and Democrats

This evening (Tuesday) I was surfing the net and flipping channels. I came upon CSPAN and witnessed some representatives speaking before the House. A few Republican congressmen were discussing some of the policies and votes which were taken in the past concerning energy and oil exploration.

Granted, I understand that both parties have done very little to keep this tragedy form happening. I think Republicans could have pushed the issue a bit more. They would propose a bill and the Democrats would scuttle it. I am sure there are things done behind closed doors that I do not understand, but I still think they could have done more in the past to prevent this from coming to this point.

Gasoline prices are out of control. The cost of a gallon of gas is rising by the day. Last week, during the last few days in school, my students and I were discussing items in the news. I do that specific topic two to three times a week.

One of the instructional strategies of our school district is to make all teaching relevant to the student's life. I never thought of this technique as anything new in education. I have always talked to my students about topics and issues in the news.

Anyway, I will get back on topic. One of my students inquired if I thought gas prices would ever go back down. They also questioned what I thought the prices would be in a year, five years, 20 years.

I responded in the same way I always do. I turned their questions back at them in order to help them find the answer. After a bit of discussion, they came up with some answers and more questions.

One student even brought up ANWR. I was astonished. This student was not what I considered bright, so I guess he had been listening to TV or doing some reading, which made me feel like I had gotten through to him.

In any case, I wish I had the information that I is posted below. I would have presented it to them. It is the same information that the congressmen were quoting In their discussion in CSPAN.

I had heard this information previously and after some diligent research, I found it. Below is the information concerning the percentages of votes cast by Republican and democrats. It is an eye opening bit of data.

Who's Responsible?

ANWR Exploration:
House Republicans: 91% Supported
House Democrats: 86% Opposed

House Republicans: 97% Supported
House Democrats: 78% Opposed

Oil Shale Exploration:
House Republicans: 90% Supported
House Democrats: 86% Opposed

Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Exploration:
House Republicans: 81% Supported
House Democrats: 83% Opposed

Refinery Increased Capacity:
House Republicans: 97% Supported
House Democrats: 96% Opposed

91% of House Republicans have historically voted to increase the production of American-made oil and gas.
86% of House Democrats have historically voted against increasing the production of American-made oil and gas.

I would love to question Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary RODHAM Clinton and the other tree huggers in the House and Senate to explain WHY. I am willing to bet it would be the same, old, canned answer they always give when backed into a corner.

"All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes." - Winston Churchill

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