Monday, June 16, 2008

Joe Horn Case Goes to the Grand Jury

Joe Horn, the Pasadena man who shot and killed two burglars after they emerged from his neighbor's home last year, has his case presented to the Grand Jury today. It could be the end of the week before we know anything.

To refresh your memory, Mr. Horn shot and killed two burglars after they had robbed his neighbor and were cutting across his lawn to escape.

I have posted my thoughts on his actions here:

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Much has been written on the Houston Chronicle site on this topic. I will post some of the comments later.

"If you commit a crime, you're guilty." - Rush Limbaugh


KimberleeR said...

He did nothing wrong. I'm a Texas girl, this law is in effect due to the cattle days to protect your neighbor's land as well.

Stella Cadente said...

Joe Horn is the criminal. He murdered 2 men that he had no business confronting. He was warned over and over that police were on the way and that no property was worth killing someone over. Hang him high.
(Someone might want to tell Joe that it was September 11th he was referencing, not September 1st, and it was despicable to use that date to justify his desire to commit a homicide.) God bless the 911 dispatcher. Good job, my friend, you did it all right.

Texas Truth said...

Stella Cadente: These two pieces of trash got EXACTLY what they deserved. Being from Texas, I am glad we have the Castle Doctrine. It is stated on these comments that there is no reason to take a life. I say YES THERE IS! If someone tries to steal the belongings I have worked very hard for or tries to steal my neighbor’s belongings, I am glad I have the LEGAL RIGHT to protect myself, my property, my family and my neighbor and his.

The grand jury in Houston saw no reason to charge Mr. Horn. His actions were totally within the law. A police officer who arrived on the scene also stated that Mr. Horn was well within in legal rights to do what he did.

If more criminals had a good, healthy fear that they may get blown away if THEY CHOOSE to commit crimes, we would have a good deal less crime.

Again, Mr. Horn is not a murderer in the state of Texas. He may have been charged with a crime in another state or country, but do you think 12 jurors would agree he was guilty? It would never happen.

These people were habitual criminals. One had done time for drug distribution and child molestation.

We, the good citizens of Texas, are glad they are off the streets. We not have two less criminals to deal with.

Texas Truth said...

Kimberleer: Thank you for your post. He did have every legal right to do what he did. Thnak God we both live in Texas and are allowed to take care of ourselves.

WildHorses said...

Texas Truth has it all RIGHT! Mr. Horn has my respect and I would welcome him in my neighborhood! Mr. Horn will you be my neighbor?! I would cut your grass for free and keep your guns clean for you! Joe Horn is a HERO! He ought to run for Gov! And these people who are on the other side, the side of the criminal, I think they got their heads screwed on backward!

Texas Truth said...

WildHorses: Thnaks for the post and the support. I have anotehr blogger who is taking me to task about Joe Horn. I am planning a post on her and her crazy ideas for the future.

Anonymous said...

Joe Horn is a hero. I envy you guys in Texas because I live in the peoples republic of Kalifornia.

Anonymous said...

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